Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

My friend Amanda shared a blog with her top ten of 2010 so I thought I would play along.  We're not even a week into 2011 and it's already been a great year so it was fun to reflect back on 2010.  These are in no particular order.

1.  Snow in Hattiesburg
We got so much snow to be so far down south last winter.  It was the 3rd winter in a row for the pine belt to get wintry weather and I think it's because it followed me down South.  Snow just makes everything so peaceful and brings out the kid in all of us.  It was beautiful while it lasted but not being a fan of cold weather I wasn't too sad to see it go.

Yaya Snow!

Our backyard

2.  Faulkner
While he was only with us for 4 months he still brought so much joy and craziness to our lives.  Faulkner was the weimarainer we took in just a few months before we moved from Hattiesburg.  He was close to being euthanized and we couldn't stand the thought of such a sweet boy receiving that fate.  He and Layla got along wonderfully and they helped wear each other out.  However, the little guy just could not adjust to living in a small apartment when we moved to Birmingham.  He was like a baby waking Ben up every hour during the night needing to go outside or wanting attention and he also began tearing up our carpet.  We decided to search until we found him a new home.  We found a lovely couple from a town outside of Birmingham that adored him.  He now gets to spend his weekend in the summers at the lake and even gets to go to work with his new "daddy."  We feel so blessed by the fun times Faulkner brought to our lives.


How precious??

3. White Coat
In April, the 3rd year Doctorate of Audiology class received our white coats. How official!  This was a great acclomplishment in our graduate career and it was super nice of the university and Speech and Hearing department to honor us.  I was also so blessed to be able to share the occasion with my wonderful family. 

Lindsey E. Piper, AuD (ALMOST THERE!!)

The funnest AuD class ever

4 & 5.  Getting house sold & Moving to Birmingham
These 2 go hand in hand.  We knew moving was an likely and eventual step but who knew it would come so fast?  When I moved to Hattiesburg in the summer of 2007 the economy was fabulous but we all know how that quickly changed.  We were so fearful and worried that we would have to move and still be responsible for a house 3 1/2 hours away.  Thankfully, this was not the case.  We put the house on the market in early April and by the weekend of my white coat ceremony 3 weeks later, the house was under contract!  Everything fell into place and the new owner took ownership at 12 noon the day we pulled the U-Haul out of the driveway to Birmingham.  We were so excited to be moving to the "big city" where we had friends and a great externship waiting.  Ben's future was unknown but how quickly did that work out.  It was amazing to see God work when we put all of our trust into him. 

Finding out my best friend was pregnant was one of the most exciting things ever.  Especially when it was extrememly unexpected!  I'll never forget how she told me and how honored I felt to be one of the first ones to know.  We had been planning a trip for our group of girls to come visit me in Birmingham in the summer.  So she started off the conversation by deciding on a definite date and the she said but I won't be able to enjoy any margaritas with y'all.  It took me a second and then I know I must have shouted YOUR PREGNANT?!?! with her responding by bursting out in laughter.  It was such a fun call to receive.  I can't believe that little Lucy Kate will be here in less than 6 weeks!  Anna will make a fabulous mother and I am so excited for her and Nathan's little blessing to get here.  Needless to say, this will be one of my favorite events of 2011!

Anna at 27 weeks!

7. NOLA Trip
Spending a weekend in New Orleans with some of our great friends to watch Ole Miss take on Tulane was definitely one of the funnest of 2010.  Our friend, Megan who is from NOLA and still resides there opened up her home to us that weekend.  We got to eat beingets, spend a day on Bourbon, eat yummy seafood, and cheer the Rebels to victory.  Everytime I hear Enrigue Inglesia's "I Like It" on the radio memories from this trip always come to mind! This was the only road trip we got to take this fall for the Rebels and I don't think anything could have topped it!  Such a fun and memorable trip!

Our group on Bourbon

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

8. Our 2nd Anniversary
We did it! We're no longer newlyweds & we still love each other!  I couldn't believe how fast the 2 years flew by, but that means your having a ball right?  I can't imagine spending those 2 years with anyone else. 

2 happy years later

9.  Allison & Katie Pregnant!!
Not only is my best friend expecting, but so are 2 of my sister-in-laws!  Allison, the middle girl is expecting her 4th child and is due on July 4th. I find this one super exciting because they are finding out the sex of the baby in early February.  This is great news since Ryan & Allison take light years to name their child :)  Katie is the youngest of the girls and she and Trevor are expecting their 1st and she is due in mid-May (Sorry I can't remember the exact date Katie).  Unlike Allison, she is not going to find out the sex and let it be a surprise!  It will be so sweet for 2 cousins to be so close in age.  I think Ben's folks might have to come out of retirement because this time next year they will have 7 grandbabies!  How blessed!

10. Football Season
By far the funnest & most anticipated part of our year.  Ben starts our countdown in early summer to get us excited and hyped up.  Even though our football team was pretty pitiful for the most part with only 4 wins on the season, this did not hinder our fun or excitement of going to the games.  Having the Grove makes losing a lot easier to swallow especially when your surrounded by so many wonderful folks.  We had a rockin' good time and a wonderful set of friends to Grove with and the funnest bunch to sit in the stands with. We have already started planning the 2011 season!

Fresno State



Sanford Statdium. UGA vs. UT

Vault Hemingway! Home of the Rebels!

It's hard to imagine 2011 being any better than 2010 but I can't wait to see what's in store for us and meet all of our new babies!  Happy New Year!

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  1. I love this post!!! I am going to copycat one on my blog :)

    And YAY!!! I made the top 10!!! I got teary-eyed when reading it! haha.. that was so sweet, and it made me feel so special!
    You had a great year-- but you know graduation year will probably top it! What's better than FINALLY making $$$?!? Can't wait to read next year's!