Monday, June 28, 2010

A Dog's Life

Eating, sleeping, chewing on rawhide bones, and the 4 or 5 walks a day...what more could a dog want? A whole lot more if your a four-legged furry canine living under our roof. Apparently, our two pups decided they needed a little more excitement in their lives. About a week and a half ago, the toilet in the bathroom that we use most often stopped up and started overflowing, not the best way to start the day! Not surprisingly, it took the apartment people over a week to get over here to fix the problem. And that was after the threat that we had visitors coming for the weekend and one toilet would not cut it. It's amazing how a little white lie can whip those maintenance men into business. These men were convinced it was a Q-tip lodged in the toilet, however being the "ear" person that I am I knew this was not the case. Finally, after augering it inside they decided it might be a good idea to take the toilet outside to finish the job. Surprise, surprise, it wasn't a Q-tip. Better yet, it was a piece of their plastic red tug toy all wrapped in Charmin. We have the suspicions that while sneaking a drink out of the bowl, one of them dropped their beloved toy. I also have a feeling it was miss Layla, that girl always has a toy in her mouth. Pretty wise move on her part, she got to harrass the plumbers for two whole days.

And if that wasn't enough excitement to last the week, Layla had to cause more mischief. They have a large cow femur that my mom brought with her on a weekend trip to Hattiesburg to keep them entertained. They are generally very good at taking turns chewing on it. This was not the case on Thursday afternoon. We were sitting on the couch researching kennels to board them for the July 4th weekend when we hear a loud painful shreik come from Faulkner who then runs by and brushes my leg. We continue on with your research and when I get up and Ben informs me that I'm bleeding. I look down and see blood all over my legs. We walk towards the kitchen and it looks as though a small animal has been murdered. There is blood EVERYWHERE. Then we start walking around and see blood all over the carpet and even on the walls. I go into panic mode and see Faulkner standing in the kitchen looking so confused but his tail is still wagging. We look at his ear and notice that a small little sliver is gone and blood oozing out. I then go into super panic mode because I have no idea how to get blood out of carpet and all I can think about is the $$$ that we will have to pay the apartment to replace the carpet when we move. I send Ben down to Patrick and Megan's to retrieve carpet cleaner while I am frantically Googling "how to get blood out of the carpet." I read that hydrogen peroxide in a squirt bottle will do the trick. Of all the random things, we actually have hydrogen peroxide. So I start squirting away and blotting with a towel as the website told me to do. Ben gets back home and I have cleaned half of the blood up. We're hoping that their long weekend at "camp" will be enough excitement to last a little while.

Next month's Playgirl centerfold

I'm holding the femur above my head in this one
Cool tile after a long walk

Layla with the infamous tug toy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is Here!

Officially. It's hard to keep up with the first day of summer here in the South because it's felt like summer for months now. I am experiencing my first summer ever without freedom. Sure, I had summers in college and grad. school where I had a class here and there but this summer I am WORKING...eeek! Summer and work do not belong in the same sentence. Period. Since I've been a slacker lately, I thought I'd fill everyone in on whats been going on with us.

As much as I complained above, I really am enjoying my job. I get to see some very interesting cases and work with professionals in other disciplines so I am learning a lot about different medical fields. I am also very lucky that my friend Emily, who was in my AuD program at USM is an intern here as well. It is nice having somone you are close with experiencing the same thing. We have designated friday as our eating out day for lunch. We don't see patients on fridays so we don't feel rushed to get back to patients. We are in walking distance of a lot of yummy places. I have to say I think my favorite place we've tried is Camp Taco. Chicken taco with fresh corn & white bbq mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Ben has been working for the past 3 weeks or so as a server at Chili's. I must brag and say that he has done really well especially considering he has never worked as a server. He is the charmer..sinking so low as to put "Roll Tide" on some of his checks. YUCK. He starts his job at the Birmingham Business Journal in a little over two weeks and we are both very excited about it. He will be reporting on healthcare and banking. I am so excited that he found a job so soon. I really think he is going to like it! Also, he has normal people hours from 8-5 and no weekends or holidays! Being the worryier (sp?) that I am (thanks Mom & Nana), I must admit the thought of surviving on my little intern pay and tips from Chili's was so overwhelming. I knew God would provide and we would make it. But, oh the power of prayer. It never ceases to amaze me how things seem to work out when you just give it to God. Hallelujah, right?

Our puppies are doing just fine. They have adjusted to apartment living pretty well and love waking Ben up at 6 am for potty time. The other tenants in our building have learned their names and knows that Layla is the one who will rudely bark at them and Faulkner will run up hoping for some loving.

We've been keeping it pretty lazy around here, it is the summer right? Won't be long until football season now :)

Until something exciting happens...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 101

So I received another blog award. It came from one of my favorite bloggera, Hillary over at a gal and her dog. Read it here. Now. Thanks Hillary! I'm loving this award because I get to share what it is making me happy.


1.) Thank the award giver

2.) List 10 things that make you happy

3.) Pass the award on to 5 others.

10 things at are making me smile right now.

1.) Yogurt Mountain.
I know I mentioned YM in my previous post, but seriously, I cannot get enough of it. It's like a salad bar but 10000000 times better because it's frozen yogurt. My favorite concoction: Half cake batter yogurt and half triple chocolate yogurt topped with (brace yourself) cinnamon toast crunch, gummy bears, reese's peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookie dough bites. I'm seeing another visit in my near future.

2.) View from our balcony.
Our living room couch faces the french doors and we keep the blinds pulled up so we always have this to see:

3.) Chocolate covered gummy bears.
I have already established my love of gummy bears...but chocolate covered gummy bears. It's a dream. The best part is that Ben doesn't eat them so the entire bag belongs to me.

4.) Our new bedding.
I inherited a terrible(?) trait from my mother, the love of bedding. She changed her and my father's bedding at least once a year and well it seems as though I have followed her lead. We have been married a little over a year and a half and we are on our 3rd set of linens. Hey, your bedroom is your oasis right? Anyways, I'm in love with our new colorful collection so it'll be a keeper

5.) Piper frame.
A friend from our Sunday school class back in Hattiesburg gave us this beautiful picture before we moved to Birmingham. The fact that she took the pictures and put the piece together makes it even more beautiful and special. It has found the perfect spot above our bed. See picture above.

6.) Spicy chicken sandwich from Chicfila
It arrives tomorrow! And I have a date with Ben, Megan, and Patrick to savor this culinary perfection. I just know it will be perfect. Chicfila is my favorite fast food joint and I couldn't imagine them adding an item to the menu that didn't meet my high expectations.

7.) Sonic's new strawberry lemonade.
The perfect treat on these humid "almost" summer days. Especially during happy hour.

8.) Espradrilles.
I bought these shoes on sale the weekend before I started work and they have become my favorite. They are super comfy and are so versatile. However, I think they are lonely and would like another pair to join them in the closet.

9.) Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl.
I am so sad these weren't around when I got married. I LOVE them. They are funky and classic all rolled into one beautiful piece of silver. Of course, I have nowhere to store more serving pieces but these beauties are on my wish list.

10.) Summer.
Everything about it. The pool, the longer days, fruity drinks, the sun, the lighter clothes, and the laid back personality of summer. I welcome it with open arms.

I would like to present this award to the following:

1.) Jene at bever fever

2.) Jessica B. at beginnings as Mrs. B

3.) Anna & Corrie at My First Friend and Me

4.) Jessica R. at Jessica Lee

5.) Alison at Ross Ramblings

Until next time!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi I'm new here..

So it has been quite awhile since my last post and I regret this deeply. As you all read, we moved a little over 2 weeks ago and we've getting settled in ever since. I am gonna give y'all a quick follow-up on all the happenings since our last chat.

Moving is a PAIN.
My parents only moved once when I was a kid and I was 2 years old. My cousin dressed up as clown so I wouldn't think they were shipping me off to the orphanage and to keep me entertained (funny because I'm terrified of clowns now). I have only moved minimal stuff when I left for college and graduate school. I had no idea what moving had in store for me. Oh the work that is involved and the money. We moved from a small 2 bedroom house to an even smaller 2 bedroom apartment with minimal storage. Thank goodness for the storage room on the balcony or there would have been a yard sale in the parking lot. Lucky for me, I have fabulous in-laws who drove all the way over to Mississippi to pack our house up while we were working, yes I know you are very jealous. They then spent 2 days with us in Birmingham helping us unpack. Patrick and Megan, our new neighbors and fabulous friends from Ole Miss also joined in on the unpacking fun and even let us stay at their place the first night. Fast foward two weeks later and every knick knack has found a place and we are all settled in.

Bye bye first home!

Loving Birmingham
I had 2 weeks off free before I started my externship to explore the city and just relax. I spent days browsing in little shops, laying by the pool, eating Yogurt Mountain, shopping at a real grocery story, learning my way around and even finding some short cuts, stayed up late watching movies, slept in late, finding new restaurants for us to try, taking the dogs on many walks, figuring out which parts of town to stay away from and reading. Aggh, what a nice little summer vacation.

I started my year-long externship yesterday at Civitan Sparks' Clinic. I'm still learning all the little quirks of being in a multi-discipline site. The supervisors are great and it is wonderful having such a good friend there experiencing it with me. I am finally seeing what it's like to work 40 hours a week and get paid for it. I feel so fortunate to spend my 4th year at such an outstanding place.

Well thats all for now. It was hard to summarize 2 weeks and I have no plans of doing it again...soon.