Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi I'm new here..

So it has been quite awhile since my last post and I regret this deeply. As you all read, we moved a little over 2 weeks ago and we've getting settled in ever since. I am gonna give y'all a quick follow-up on all the happenings since our last chat.

Moving is a PAIN.
My parents only moved once when I was a kid and I was 2 years old. My cousin dressed up as clown so I wouldn't think they were shipping me off to the orphanage and to keep me entertained (funny because I'm terrified of clowns now). I have only moved minimal stuff when I left for college and graduate school. I had no idea what moving had in store for me. Oh the work that is involved and the money. We moved from a small 2 bedroom house to an even smaller 2 bedroom apartment with minimal storage. Thank goodness for the storage room on the balcony or there would have been a yard sale in the parking lot. Lucky for me, I have fabulous in-laws who drove all the way over to Mississippi to pack our house up while we were working, yes I know you are very jealous. They then spent 2 days with us in Birmingham helping us unpack. Patrick and Megan, our new neighbors and fabulous friends from Ole Miss also joined in on the unpacking fun and even let us stay at their place the first night. Fast foward two weeks later and every knick knack has found a place and we are all settled in.

Bye bye first home!

Loving Birmingham
I had 2 weeks off free before I started my externship to explore the city and just relax. I spent days browsing in little shops, laying by the pool, eating Yogurt Mountain, shopping at a real grocery story, learning my way around and even finding some short cuts, stayed up late watching movies, slept in late, finding new restaurants for us to try, taking the dogs on many walks, figuring out which parts of town to stay away from and reading. Aggh, what a nice little summer vacation.

I started my year-long externship yesterday at Civitan Sparks' Clinic. I'm still learning all the little quirks of being in a multi-discipline site. The supervisors are great and it is wonderful having such a good friend there experiencing it with me. I am finally seeing what it's like to work 40 hours a week and get paid for it. I feel so fortunate to spend my 4th year at such an outstanding place.

Well thats all for now. It was hard to summarize 2 weeks and I have no plans of doing it again...soon.


  1. I cant wait to come see ya'll-maybe we can work it out in a couple of weeks.

  2. That's exciting. I've heard Birmingham is a really great city to live in.

    Moving is a huge pain. I decided after we bought our first house, remodeled it and moved everything in (Sean and I lived together for 2 years prior to this and accumulated way too much stuff) that I'm never moving again. After the ridiculous number of wedding gifts we got, we'd have to spend forever packing, and it's just not worth it. I hope we did a good job picking our house, because we'll be in it for a while!

    I hope your new externship goes well!

  3. Yes, Tami..very very soon. We aren't going anywhere for awhile!

    Hillary, AMEN! It pains me to know that we might be moving again in less than a year. I've only seen your house doing drive-bys (totally stalkerish, I know) but from the pictures I've seen and Hannah's and your vivid details, I know its gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it one day soon.

  4. Yay for a new place! But boo on moving-- I swear, when we move AGAIN in a year- I am NOT moving for TEN YEARS at least!!!!! I despise it that much!!! I can't wait to come visit your new little place- I'm sure you have it adorable!