Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 101

So I received another blog award. It came from one of my favorite bloggera, Hillary over at a gal and her dog. Read it here. Now. Thanks Hillary! I'm loving this award because I get to share what it is making me happy.


1.) Thank the award giver

2.) List 10 things that make you happy

3.) Pass the award on to 5 others.

10 things at are making me smile right now.

1.) Yogurt Mountain.
I know I mentioned YM in my previous post, but seriously, I cannot get enough of it. It's like a salad bar but 10000000 times better because it's frozen yogurt. My favorite concoction: Half cake batter yogurt and half triple chocolate yogurt topped with (brace yourself) cinnamon toast crunch, gummy bears, reese's peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookie dough bites. I'm seeing another visit in my near future.

2.) View from our balcony.
Our living room couch faces the french doors and we keep the blinds pulled up so we always have this to see:

3.) Chocolate covered gummy bears.
I have already established my love of gummy bears...but chocolate covered gummy bears. It's a dream. The best part is that Ben doesn't eat them so the entire bag belongs to me.

4.) Our new bedding.
I inherited a terrible(?) trait from my mother, the love of bedding. She changed her and my father's bedding at least once a year and well it seems as though I have followed her lead. We have been married a little over a year and a half and we are on our 3rd set of linens. Hey, your bedroom is your oasis right? Anyways, I'm in love with our new colorful collection so it'll be a keeper

5.) Piper frame.
A friend from our Sunday school class back in Hattiesburg gave us this beautiful picture before we moved to Birmingham. The fact that she took the pictures and put the piece together makes it even more beautiful and special. It has found the perfect spot above our bed. See picture above.

6.) Spicy chicken sandwich from Chicfila
It arrives tomorrow! And I have a date with Ben, Megan, and Patrick to savor this culinary perfection. I just know it will be perfect. Chicfila is my favorite fast food joint and I couldn't imagine them adding an item to the menu that didn't meet my high expectations.

7.) Sonic's new strawberry lemonade.
The perfect treat on these humid "almost" summer days. Especially during happy hour.

8.) Espradrilles.
I bought these shoes on sale the weekend before I started work and they have become my favorite. They are super comfy and are so versatile. However, I think they are lonely and would like another pair to join them in the closet.

9.) Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl.
I am so sad these weren't around when I got married. I LOVE them. They are funky and classic all rolled into one beautiful piece of silver. Of course, I have nowhere to store more serving pieces but these beauties are on my wish list.

10.) Summer.
Everything about it. The pool, the longer days, fruity drinks, the sun, the lighter clothes, and the laid back personality of summer. I welcome it with open arms.

I would like to present this award to the following:

1.) Jene at bever fever

2.) Jessica B. at beginnings as Mrs. B

3.) Anna & Corrie at My First Friend and Me

4.) Jessica R. at Jessica Lee

5.) Alison at Ross Ramblings

Until next time!


  1. I love your bedding! And the Piper frame looks great. I've seen those in magazines, but the fact that your friend made it for you is even more special. I must try chocolate covered gummy bears and the new spicy chicken sandwich immediately. Sean hates chicfila, so I never get to eat it. Sad.

  2. Okay I am coming for a visit just so we can go to yogurt mountain-looks soo tasty!

  3. I am a huge fan of yogurt too! Sadly, TCBY no longer resides in Southaven.

  4. I can't wait to visit so we can go to Yogurt Mountain! haha...
    And our view from our apt looks just like that! We always keep the blinds pulled up so we can always look out and see that.
    I LOVE your bedding!! It is beautiful! That is very similar to what I have in mind for our new bedding.
    And the Piper frame is very sweet.

  5. Aww, I made your blog! How cool! Miss you guys. Alison