Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's already time for WILW!  Once again, I'm linking up with Jamie. 

This week I am loving that I have a short work week. It is definitely making the week sail right on by.

I'm loving that after my heel decided to completely break in half yesterday, I found the exact same pair at Belk.  I had the broken pair for almost 3 years so I feel that was pretty successful in the life of a shoe and they were worthy of another purchase.  It of course helped that they were on sale. Score!


I'm loving this antique water jug that I found over the weekend.  I  have been searching for the right "jug" to be a new home to our wine cork collection.  During our shopping spree Saturday, Megan & I stopped in an antique store where I found exactly what I have been looking for.  When we were washing it, we noticed it had the year 1928 etched in the bottom.  That's the same year that my sweet Nana made her grand entrance into this world. Pretty cool.

Finally, I'm loving that this time next week I'll be headed to the Windy City!  The primary goal of the trip is to attend an audiology convention.  We went 2 years ago when it was in Dallas and it is SUPER FUN.  The hearing aid companies sponsor events at night that usually feature a famous music act.  I am most excited about seeing some of the girls in my class that I haven't seen since last May.  We are also going to do plenty of fun, non-audiology related stuff!


Happy Wednesday Y'all!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh, it's Tuesday.

I'm definitely having a case of the Mondays today.  I was off work yesterday and it apparently has my week thrown off.  I fell asleep last night without plugging up my phone so instead of taking it with me to the bathroom for Pandora while I got ready this a.m., I had to charge it up causing me to forget it.  Wah Wah.  And if that wasn't enough bad luck, the heel on my left shoe broke. Awesome. Luckily, my supervisor Julie has a hot glue gun stowed away in our audio suite.  So while I was testing a kiddo barefoot, Julie rigged up my shoe.  Please. Just. Get. Me. Through. Today. The only positive that can come from this mishap is that I get to go shopping for new shoes. 

We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  The weather was quite tornado-ish so no time relaxing at the pool.  I spent Saturday with Megan running all over creation finding the most fabulous stuff for their house.  We had a blast and we she spent lots of money.  One of the best parts of the day was our afternoon milkshake from Chicfila.  Delicioius. It was not so pretty outside on Sunday either so we spent the day inside doing absolutely nothing. It was wonderful.  

 Happy MonTuesday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

Happy Friday Y'all!  If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will already know this so you can skip down to the fun pictures. Just kidding, keep reading. Ben and I have been almost like nomads since we've graduated from college. I mean not real nomads but it sure feels that way.  After Ole Miss, I moved to Hattiesburg to start grad school at Southern Miss and Ben joined me 8 or 9 months later when he finished school.  We were in Hattiesburg until May of last year when we made the move to Birmingham for my externship.  Being in school, our life seems somewhat unsettled.  But as you all know, I'm graduating in May and it seems as though then we will finally be able to really start our lives. We're not sure where our "permanent" place is going to be just yet, we are leaving that part up to God. He surely knows what's best for us. 

With all that being said, I have really started dreaming and thinking and wanting a house.  I put partial blame on Patrick and Megan since they just purchased their first home. I am definitely enjoying helping Megan pick out things to fill their new space. I am also a tiny bit jealous that they can now have a grill and a gorgeous backyard to entertain.  While it all seems so far away and uncertain right now, I know that it will all become clear soon and Ben and I can start our little journey. 

In the meantime, I can still have fun right? I am a suscriber to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Thanks, Aunt Arenda!  And I look forward to seeing it in my mailbox every month so that I can comb through the pages and rip out the pictures of rooms that I absolutely love.  Yep, I have an inspiration binder.  It even has dividers.  Hah.  I put the magazine pages in page protectors and place behind their correct tab (ie, living room, paint colors, redos, etc.)  It is wonderful and I know it will be super useful when it's time for our first place. 

I wanted to share some rooms I found from the world wide web that I just adore.










Don't you just love?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

PW Italian Drip Beef

Have  y'all ever tried this?  We made this yesterday to share for Survivor night and it was a big hit.  We've made it several times because it is so easy and pretty affordable when you get the meat on sale.  Of course, we tweaked it a little to fit our lifestyle better.

Italian Drip Beef
1 whole beef roast (2-4 lbs)
1 can beef consumme soup
1/2 jar pepperchinni (sp) peppers
1/4 c. water
3 Tbsp. Italian seasoning
Salt & pepper
4-6 hoagie rolls (will probably serve 8-12 sandwiches, depending on your # of mouths to feed)
sliced provolone cheese

In your crockpot, place in your big ole piece of meat.  Pour in beef consumee soup, water, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and half the jar of peppers with juice.  Turn on low and cook for 5-6 hours, or until meat is tender.  You will know when the beef is done when you insert a fork, twist and the meat just starts falling.  Get all of your meat "shredded" and placed in a dish.  Keep your juice!  Grab your hoagie rolls and split open.  Drizzle a bit of the juice down each side of the bun.  Top with desired amount of meat and a few peppers.  Top with a slice or 2 of provolone cheese.  Wrap each sandwich in aluminum foil and place in oven for 5-6 minutes to get the bread time to get toasty and the cheese ooey gooey.  While sandwiches are heating, ladel up individual portions of the juice for dipping your sandwich.  It is sooo fine! 


Hope y'all enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As always, I'm linking up with Jamie!

I'm loving that we have absolutely nothing, nada, zero plans for this weekend and it feels wonderful.  I have a feeling we will end up at our apartment's pool with a cooler full of cold libations and a good book soaking up that vitamin D.

I'm loving that the crawfish boil that I blogged about on Monday raised over $25,000 for Make A Wish!  I am so proud of the generous people of DeSoto County!

I'm loving that our love and crazy over zealous Layla will turn 4 years old this Saturday.  She was my graduation present from Ben when I finished Ole Miss.  I've had her since she was 6 weeks old so she is definitely my baby. Happy Birthday Lay!

She's super excited!

I'm loving that my sweet friend Jessica who I shared was engaged asked me to be a bridesmaid.  Of course, I said yes!  I am honored and I can't wait to be a part of their happy day.

Finally, I'm loving these shoes. 

and these...

Which ones do y'all vote for?  I'm looking for a pair of neutral colored wedges to wear for graduation in May.  I plan on wearing this dress from J Crew. 

 I plan on making it fun with my jewelry. White is so in this season y'all! Anyways, help me out and tell me what you think!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break is OVER.

Hope all of you that are teachers or students who enjoyed Spring Break last week are finding Monday treating you friendly.  Although, I did not get a spring break, I must admit that I thorougly enjoyed the rest of you being on break last week.  My commute last week was wonderful.  I pass an elementary school on my drive so that usually slows me down, however, last week with the kiddos gone to the beach or in the mountains skiing, it took me less than 15 minutes to get to work. AND that was with picking up Emily. Yeah, we carpool and no it's not about being green, it's about saving $$$ in parking fees.  So yeah, welcome back folks.

Obviously not the kids I pass everyday, but why don't parents dress their kids like these dapper kids?

I had a super busy weekend, but I expected nothing less since it was a weekend spent at home.  The weekend started off with the purchase of 3 new tires for our Lincoln.  Why only 3?  Well, a pretty awesome incident (BLOW OUT) occurred in the fall that caused us to replace only 1 of the tires.  Yeah so 3 new tires, I definitely do not like spending my money on cars but obviously we felt much safer and that will hopefully (fingers crossed) be the last set of tires we have to put on that car. Friday evening was pretty laid back, my mom made lasagna so we had a family meal and entertained ourselves watching Kinsley make a mess feeding herself.

Saturday, the girls took Jessica to lunch to celebrate the engagement.  We went to Au Fond Farmtable in Midtown.  It is a cute French-country cafe that recently opened that specializes in breakfast and sandwiches.  It was so hard choosing what to eat, but I settled for a Cuban and it was pretty darn good.  The best part was the homemade pickles...yum.  We ordered 3 desserts and the 6 of us split them.  We got white chocolate banana bread pudding (why ruin bread pudding by putting yucky bananas in it?), a cinnamon roll (the BOMB DOT COM), and a triple berry cobbler.  The cinnamon roll was definitely the table's favorite.  Anna brought Lucy Kate along with her and she was just the sweetest little thing hanging out in her carrier and letting us pass her around to cuddle.  Jessica also shared her engagement story which brought me to chills, I'm not going to share her story but I'll say that it involves a Bible and him saying a sweet prayer.  Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that her ring is GORGEOUS!  I must say he did a fantastic job, and if any men (not that any read this) are in the market, they should totally go check out Jessica's hand to get an idea!

We had plans to head to the zoo Saturday afternoon but someone didn't get their nap in so they were a little on the C-R-A-B-B-Y side, I won't mention any names.  Instead, we decided to head to a new park that was recently built near my parents house.  Kins had a blast swinging and going down the slide. She was happy as a pig in mud so the zoo will have to wait for another day.  Saturday night, I headed over with my parents to Fishes for Wishes Crawfish Boil at the Snowden house. Hannah came along too and we had a ball.  There was all-you-can-eat crawfish, live music from Rocky 4 Phoenix band, and a silent auction.  I ate almost 2 buckets of crawfish and Hannah totally beat me out by eating 3!  I didn't win any of the auction items but I'll survive.  All of the proceeds from the benefit went to Make-A-Wish so it was great fun for such a wonderful foundation.  We then headed over to my friend Bruce and Karrie's house to help celebrate Bruce's big 2-6!  Bruce was a running back at Ole Miss and has played for the Denver Broncos and is currently with the Buffalo Bills.  He is such a fun and sweet guy and we had a blast hanging out with him celebrating his birthday.   Sunday, I got to spend a little more time with my family and had lunch with my Nana. When I got back to Birmingham, Ben and I headed over to Patrick and Megan's so the grillmaster could whip us up a yummy dinner on his new grill he got over the weekend.  It was delicious.  They got their master bathroom and den painted while we were gone and it looks marvelous!  All in all it was a perfect weekend! 

Hello Crawfish season.

My flash was being lame Saturday night. Would've been super cute.

Happy Monday Y'all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Happy Wednesday Y'all!  This week is just flying by. I'm linking up with Jamie again at this kind of love so be sure to go over and check out her super cute blog.

I'm loving that I have  4-day work week so that means only 2 more working days for me! WAHOOOO!!  You gotta love a random Friday that your boss gives you off.

I'm loving that yesterday was one of my very good friend Emily's birthday.  We met when I started graduate school at Southern Miss and we even came to Birmingham together and are doing our externship at the same place.  She is such a fun person and I'm so thrilled that she had a happy day.  We went to Baha Burger last night for dinner. Yum Yum.

Happy Birthday Emily!

I'm loving that I get to see all my sweet friends this weekend. We're taking our newly engaged Jessica to lunch Saturday to celebrate!  I'm so excited to hear all about her big plans and see her gorgeous bling bling!

Best. Friends. Ever.

I'm also loving that while I am home for the weekend, we are taking miss Kinsley to the Memphis Zoo. We took her last year during Spring Break but it is going to be so much more fun this year since she's older and she's a chatty Kathy.  Also, I might be a little biased since I am from the Memphis area, but if you have never been to the Memphis Zoo I highly recommend you go for a visit if your ever in town.  It is by far the nicest and best zoo I have ever visited. The exhibits are awesome and they keep the park super clean.

Zoo Trip 2010, Kins in her monkey dress.

Finally, I'm loving that it is finally open-toed shoe season!  So happy to finally show off my pretty painted toenails and to brush off the dust on my sandals!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend in Oxford

Hope everyone is surviving the lovely Spring Forward.  I am loving the "longer" days but I am exhausted this morning, but I will put that to blame on my awesome weekend!

Late Friday afternoon, Megan, her mom, and I piled up in Megan's car  complete with Coke Icees and chex mix and headed over to the land of cotton.  It was a fun car ride and we introduced Mrs. Theresa to Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman and now I'm pretty sure she's hooked. Once we arrived in Oxford, we picked up Denise, who graciously let us stay with her at her family's gorgeous weekend home, and we headed to Newk's for a yummy dinner. Have y'all ever had their Lobster Crab Bisque?  If you haven't I suggest  demand that you try it immediately. Oh, it's soooo tasty.  After dinner, the 3 of us headed to the Square to hit up the Burgundy Room.  We were quite surprised at how packed the Square was since it was the beginning for Spring Break.  We only stayed for about an hour but it was fun feeling like we were back in college for a little bit.  Also, I miss that place so much, where else can you get a beer for $2?

Saturday, we got an early start to the day so we could fit a lot of shopping in to the short amount of time we had before the shower.  We went to all of the best places in Oxford, Sugar Magnolia Antique Mall, My Favorite Shoes, and of course all the good shops on the Square.  We were all well-behaved.  Megan and I picked up Michael Oher's (The Blind Side) new book, I Beat the Odds and they were signed copies.  The book is about his hardships growing up in Memphis before the Tuohys came into his life.  Our husbands were so happy and surprised to get the books. After shopping, we headed to the shower.  We got there early and helped with some of the food preperation.  They had the yummiest veggie dip and I almost made myself sick because it was so good.  I requested the recipe and as soon as I get it I will share with y'all.  The shower was an entertainment shower and Amy & Jonathan got a lot of good stuff, mostly serving pieces.  It was a great turn-out and everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was fun getting to see folks I usually only get to see during football season.  We were heading back to Birmingham after the shower and on our way out of town we stopped and took a quick tour of Alison's beautiful new home.

I have totally forgot to mention that while the ladies were enjoying the beautiful Saturday in Oxford, all 4 of our sweet husbands were helping get Patrick and Megan moved into their new home.  I thought Megan was crazy brave for letting 6 men move her stuff without her being there to supervise.  We got back to Birmingham late Saturday night and the guys were relaxing with ice cold Bud Lights. 

Sunday, we got to meet up with Ben's oldest sister Natalie, her 2 boys, and Ben's mom for lunch.  They were driving from Memphis to Ben's parents house in Georgia for the week.  It was great to see them, even if it was for a short time.  We got our groceries for the week and then got a treat from Sonic. Chocolate milkshake for me and a vanilla Coke for the mister.  We then rolled the windows down and drove around one of the beautiful neighborhoods in town.  We hung out with Patrick & Megan last night, helping them unpack and cooked them a yummy jambalya for dinner. 

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I was too busy enjoying myself to stop and capture it.  Hope y'all had a great weekend & here's to a wonderful week full of sunshine!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunshine & Mojitos

Southern Miss is on Spring Break this week and I am still a student, but when you get this far along in graduate school you have to play by others' rules, so no SB for me. But y'all, Key West is all I can think about lately.  The weather here in Birmingham cannot decide whether its ready to be warm and sunny or stay cold and wet.  Unfortunately this week, she has been giving us the latter.  I mentioned in a previous post that we are taking a trip to Key West in early May for my graduation.  You can read about that here.

Anywho, we booked our flights in January and we've pretty much stopped there.  We are huge procrasinators when it comes to planning a trip, which is so unlike me because I like to have everything planned way way ahead of time. So when we booked our flight, we decided we wanted to fly into Miami and then rent a car to take the scenic drive to KW.  Flights to Miami were considerably cheaper than the direct flight to KW and neither one of us has been to KW so we decided we wanted to get the full experience and do the drive.  It's a good thing we're not terrified of being on a bridge for an exteremly long period of time AKA 154 miles, 3-4 hours depending on traffic and if we get stuck behind a grandpa.  Now, comes to our next big decision.  Where to stay.  We have it narrowed down to 2 places:  Southernmost Hotel and Parrot Key ResortNow, let me give you the pros & cons of these places. 

Southernmost Hotel
Pros: It is located on the beach and in the heart of downtown KW which means we can walk/ride bicycles pretty much anywhere we'd want to go which leads to the next pro.  Since we would only need a rental to get down to KW and back to Miami, we could rent a more expensive car, such as a convertible or Jeep.  Also, the hotel provides beach chairs and there is a cafe/bar located on the hotel's beach. The cons: It's an older hotel and the rooms do not appear as nice.  It is a little more expensive than the other place. Since the car rental place is located at the airports,we'd have to have a shuttle/pay for a cab ride to & from the hotel when arriving and leaving. 

Parrot Key Resort
Pros:  It is fairly new and modern and each room is a cottage/bungalow.  It is waterfront and since it is a little more affordable, we could have a nicer room with a great view. The cons: It is much further out from downtown so we would probably need to keep the rental for the entire trip which means we would just get an economical ride.  It's on the water, but theres no beach access so we'd have to drive to get to the beach.

I'm pretty obsessed with TripAdvisor when booking any hotel, so I've done my research and they both have great reviews.  I always disregard the really nit picky comments because apparently those people live in a perfect world and expect everything to be perfect. Which hotel would y'all choose?  We pretty much have a decision made but I like to hear outside opinions because there just might be something we haven't thought of yet.

Now, on to slightly more fun things.  With any trip, it's always fun to pick up new clothes.  I find this especially true for this trip, maybe it's because it has been so long since we've been on a real vacation or maybe I'm just in the shopping mood.  I wanted to share the fun stuff I'll be strutting down in the Keys.

Express. Got it in black. Can't you picture this with colorful espradrilles?

From Target.  With a braided belt and T-straps?

Express. Hello super-fun clutch!

Don't y'all worry. Ben has gotten some new stuff too.  Well, only just a new pair of swim trunks, they;re Ole Miss red.  He really wants a pair of Vineyard Vines trunks for our trip since it's KW and he can totally get away with loud britches there so we're on the hunt to find him the perfect pair.  Now, if only he'd let me get the Canon Rebel I've been hinting around about to use for this trip....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loving Wednesday

It's already Wednesday! WHOO HOOO! This week is going a little bit faster than last, thank goodness. I'm linking up with Jamie again so be sure to go check her out.

First, I'm loving that one of my lifelong and bestest friends, Jessica got engaged on Friday.  I am so so so happy for her and super excited to share her big day with her.  She is one of the most humble people I know so I am so thrilled that she has found the one God created for her.  Can't wait for 10/01/11!!

She's so beautiful

I'm loving that I get to spend the weekend in my favorite place ever. Oxford. One of our newly acquired buddies, Amy is getting married in June and her best friends are throwing her and her fiance, Jonathan a entertainment shower on Saturday.  We are making a girls trip out of it and have plans to go out on the Square Friday night, spend Saturday shopping and then celebrating Amy & Jonathan that afternoon.  I haven't been back to Oxford since football season so I am thrilled to go back.

Grove sillyness. Amy is in the green.

I'm loving that we only have a half day of seeing patients.  We get to spend the last part of the day with Phonak, a hearing aid company.  They are going to feed us lunch and then tell us all about their new products.  Definitely breaks up the monotony of the week.

I'm loving that it is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lent season. I have always participated in Lent and this year is no different.  This year, I'm giving up cursing.  I don't know why but my little mouth has become more like a sailor and I do not approve.  Ben is also doing this, I think if we accidently slip up we are going to have to drop some change in our change jar or something of that effect.  I'm also going to give up fried foods.  We certainly do not perpare fried foods at our house, but when we eat out french fries are usually always involved.  Also, I'm going to pray more.  Prayer is the simplest thing we can do that has the most power and I should definitely be doing more of it.  What are you giving up/adding for Lent?

Finally, I'm loving that the rain is moving on out of here and I get to look forward to this forecast this weekend.  Bring on the blooms!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Happy Tuesday Y'all!  I just have a few random things to share today so I"m just going to let it flow.

  • Today is Megan's birthday!  Happy Birthday dear friend!  She gets the best present ever this year.  Her & Patrick are closing on their home tomorrow! How exciting!

  • Birmingham is supposed to get 2-5" of rain tomorrow. Yikes. We are going to have a monsoon and I'm not prepared for this.
  • The Bachelor.  I have never really liked the "Women Tell All" episode, it's just a replay of clips that they show at the beginning of every episode but of course I'm still going to watch.  Let's talk about dentist Ashley, did anyone else think she looked terrible last night?  She looked so much older and a little like a washed up porn star. Michelle was totally fake crying, why does Chris H. always take up for her? And Oh, I love Jackie.  Sad that she didn't go further.  Hopefully boring Jake makes the right decision next week and picks sweet Emily.  Oh, for those of you that have maybe doubted the "Ricky plane crash/ABC wants to have a dramatic story," we googled "race car Ricky plane crash" last night and the story is totally legit.
Finally, I have a super yummy and easy potato soup recipe to share.  I got the recipe from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour and it y'all it was the easiest thing I've probably ever done.  It's another perfect recipe to take someone who's sick or just had a baby because it's so simple and easy on the wallet

Crock Pot Potato Soup
1/2 onion, diced
3, 14 oz cans chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken soup
1, 30 oz bag, frozen shredded hashbrowns
1 8 oz pkg. cream cheese (regular, the reduced fat will NOT melt)
pepper to taste
shredded cheese, bacon bits, chives, and sour cream for toppings

To your crockpot add onions, chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, hashbrowns, and pepper, Stir to combine.  Cook on low heat 6-8 hours.  One hour before serving, add in cream cheese.  I let mine sit out most of the day so it would already be softened.  Give cream cheese about an hour to melt thoroughly.  Add desired toppings and feast@!  You won't regret it!

Soup & Salad..yum!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, March 7, 2011

ABC's of Me...Updated

I did this post a year ago but honestly do not have much to say today, crazy I know so I thought I would do a little updating to it and repost.  Plus, I have so many new followers that I'm sure would love to know more about me :)

ABC's of Me.

A-Age: 26...I'm now closer to 30 than 20

B- Bed size: Queen.

C- Chore you hate: All of them really, but especially mopping. It seems as soon as I get the floors clean they are nasty again.

D- Dogs' names: Layla

first weekend we had her.

Our girl now.

 E- Essential start your day item: Coffee

F- Favorite color: Yellow or Red. Depending on the shade and my mood.

G- Gold or Silver or Platinum: Gold, white & yellow

H- Height: 5'6 ish

I- Instruments you play: Hahahaha, none. I do not have a musical bone in my body. I would like to learn how to play the piano someday.

J- Juice: I drink orange regularly but apple is my favorite.

K- Kids: are great, but glad I do not have any for the time being.

L- Living arrangements: For now, a 2 bedroom apartment in Birmingham.  I have the 2 best roomates ever, Ben & Layla

M- Mom's name: Jan

My mom & I at her surprise 50th birthday party a few years ago...

N- Nickname: Bug is what my mom has always called me. LuLu is what my Nana has called me all of my life and now others have started calling me that, including Kinsley.

O- Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I had Meningitis when I was 18 months old that required a 3 month hospital stay

P- Pet Peeve: Smacking while you chew, driving slow in the fast lane

Q- Quote: "We are all of us stars and we all deserve to twinkle" Marilyn Monroe

R- Right handed or left handed: Right

S- Siblings: Only one younger sister, Heather, but I have 3 amazing sister in laws!!

Christmas 2010

T- Time you wake up: Depends on the day, 6:45 is the latest duringthe week.

U- Underwear: Odd one, but yes.

V- Vegtable you dislike: Beets

W- Ways you run late: Forgetting to set alarm the night before, Forgetting to do something the night before (make lunch, iron clothes, etc.)

X- X-rays you've had: Dental and MRI's on my head if that counts

Y- Yummy food you make: All of my food is yummy. Its hard for me to pick a favorite.

Z- Zoo favorite: Penguins!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

This is how I feel about it being Friday. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Philadelphia Creme for Cooking

Have y'all discovered this tasty new creation from Kraft Philadelphia yet?  I started noticing commercials for it a few weeks ago and saw a coupon for $1.50 off so I decided to give it a shot. Oh. my. word. There are 4 different varieties, Italian cheese & herb, Savory garlic, Original, and Sante Fe. 

I picked up the Italian cheese & herb to try.  We decided to make our own version of a Margherita pizza. Seriously, after we had emptied the container, I was sticking my finger in and licking the bowl clean.  It's that good, y'all!  I will definitely be finding more recipes to use this deliciousness.

Piper Margherita Pizza
1 store bought pizza crust (we made 2, one regular crust & one thin, I preferred the thin crust myself)
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 tub Philadelphia Creme for cooking, Italian cheese & herb flavor
1-2 ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced
Basil leaves, torn into small strips
1 c. shredded Mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 425.  Brush pizza crust with olive oil. Next, spread the cooking cream to cover the crust, like you would traditional pizza sauce.  For one pizza, you probably will only  use half the container, but I won't judge if you decide to use it all.  Top with shredded cheese and torn basil leaves.  Finally, arrange your tomato slices on top.  Ben cut each slice in half so they were half-circles and made the prettiest little design on our pizzas. I'm ashamed I didn't take a picture.  Anywho, place pizza directly on middle oven rack and bake 8-12 minutes.  I recommend starting at 8 minutes and checking.  Now prepare yourself for goodness.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WILW & Your Help Please!!

I'm linking up with Jamie again at this kind of love so be sure to go over and check out her cute blog.

I'm loving that it is finally Wednesday. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like this week is just dragging  by. I'm so ready for the weekend.

I'm loving this dress that I ordered from Target yesterday.  It is going to be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe and I think it will be just right for Key West.   I'm hoping this girl is a giant and it won't be as short on me.

I'm loving that the Bradford Pears are blooming. This might mean that Spring really is here!

I'm loving that Patrick & Megan are moving into their new house this weekend.  I'm sad that we won't be able to walk down to their place whenever we want too, but I am so excited about them getting their first place.

Finally, I'm loving that Kinsley is a run-off for a photo contest on Facebook. This is where I need your HELP!  She needs lots of votes to win.  You can directly vote for her picture here. All you have to do is comment "Vote" under the picture.  Before you can comment, you must like the page first.  Simply, search for My Cherished Moments Photography on facebook and "like" it. Then click the link above.  It would mean so much for y'all to help her out.

And because posts just aren't as fun without pictures, here's a picture of my little doll cheesing.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 Years

In just 2 short months, I will be graduating with my doctorate.  That blows my mind.  What blows my mind even more is that means it will be 4 whole years since I graduated from Ole Miss. That means my 10-year high school reunion is right around the corner...YIKES! Where does the time go?  Since I am pretty wordless today, I thought I would share some fun photos from my Ole Miss days. As blessed as I am, I would love to be able to relive those fun times. I thought I would share some fun photos from that time.  They're all from facebook so I found what I could. So hard to choose from so many good times. 

First football game, junior year

First date. 11/12/2005, Ole Miss vs. Arkansas

Anna's 21st. Kidnapped her & took her to Tunica

St. Patrick's Day 2006. Savannah, GA

Fun times @ Stoneridge

Fun times in the outfield.

50 yard line @ Vaught Hemingway Stadium. We were being true rebels.

First game, senior year.

Old Taylor Grocery, 2006.

Ole Miss vs. Auburn, 2006.

Halloween 2006

New Orleans

Saints & Angels Ball, 2007, New Orleans

Spring night on the Square

Anna's engaged! Spring 2007

Another spring night., 2007

Saints & Angels Ball, Nashville 2006.

Ole Miss baseball, 2007

Such good memories!!