Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break is OVER.

Hope all of you that are teachers or students who enjoyed Spring Break last week are finding Monday treating you friendly.  Although, I did not get a spring break, I must admit that I thorougly enjoyed the rest of you being on break last week.  My commute last week was wonderful.  I pass an elementary school on my drive so that usually slows me down, however, last week with the kiddos gone to the beach or in the mountains skiing, it took me less than 15 minutes to get to work. AND that was with picking up Emily. Yeah, we carpool and no it's not about being green, it's about saving $$$ in parking fees.  So yeah, welcome back folks.

Obviously not the kids I pass everyday, but why don't parents dress their kids like these dapper kids?

I had a super busy weekend, but I expected nothing less since it was a weekend spent at home.  The weekend started off with the purchase of 3 new tires for our Lincoln.  Why only 3?  Well, a pretty awesome incident (BLOW OUT) occurred in the fall that caused us to replace only 1 of the tires.  Yeah so 3 new tires, I definitely do not like spending my money on cars but obviously we felt much safer and that will hopefully (fingers crossed) be the last set of tires we have to put on that car. Friday evening was pretty laid back, my mom made lasagna so we had a family meal and entertained ourselves watching Kinsley make a mess feeding herself.

Saturday, the girls took Jessica to lunch to celebrate the engagement.  We went to Au Fond Farmtable in Midtown.  It is a cute French-country cafe that recently opened that specializes in breakfast and sandwiches.  It was so hard choosing what to eat, but I settled for a Cuban and it was pretty darn good.  The best part was the homemade pickles...yum.  We ordered 3 desserts and the 6 of us split them.  We got white chocolate banana bread pudding (why ruin bread pudding by putting yucky bananas in it?), a cinnamon roll (the BOMB DOT COM), and a triple berry cobbler.  The cinnamon roll was definitely the table's favorite.  Anna brought Lucy Kate along with her and she was just the sweetest little thing hanging out in her carrier and letting us pass her around to cuddle.  Jessica also shared her engagement story which brought me to chills, I'm not going to share her story but I'll say that it involves a Bible and him saying a sweet prayer.  Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that her ring is GORGEOUS!  I must say he did a fantastic job, and if any men (not that any read this) are in the market, they should totally go check out Jessica's hand to get an idea!

We had plans to head to the zoo Saturday afternoon but someone didn't get their nap in so they were a little on the C-R-A-B-B-Y side, I won't mention any names.  Instead, we decided to head to a new park that was recently built near my parents house.  Kins had a blast swinging and going down the slide. She was happy as a pig in mud so the zoo will have to wait for another day.  Saturday night, I headed over with my parents to Fishes for Wishes Crawfish Boil at the Snowden house. Hannah came along too and we had a ball.  There was all-you-can-eat crawfish, live music from Rocky 4 Phoenix band, and a silent auction.  I ate almost 2 buckets of crawfish and Hannah totally beat me out by eating 3!  I didn't win any of the auction items but I'll survive.  All of the proceeds from the benefit went to Make-A-Wish so it was great fun for such a wonderful foundation.  We then headed over to my friend Bruce and Karrie's house to help celebrate Bruce's big 2-6!  Bruce was a running back at Ole Miss and has played for the Denver Broncos and is currently with the Buffalo Bills.  He is such a fun and sweet guy and we had a blast hanging out with him celebrating his birthday.   Sunday, I got to spend a little more time with my family and had lunch with my Nana. When I got back to Birmingham, Ben and I headed over to Patrick and Megan's so the grillmaster could whip us up a yummy dinner on his new grill he got over the weekend.  It was delicious.  They got their master bathroom and den painted while we were gone and it looks marvelous!  All in all it was a perfect weekend! 

Hello Crawfish season.

My flash was being lame Saturday night. Would've been super cute.

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. You are making me so jealous!!! I want some crawfish so badly!

  2. Does your engaged friend have a blog?? Would totally love to check out her story and give ring pointers to my man!! Haha!

  3. Is your Lincoln an MKX? I had 2 blowouts wihtin 3 weeks of each other. After 2nd one took back to the Ford dealership and they replaced the other 3 after I had bought the first one. Tires on the car were old eventhough car was brand new.

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! The crawfish is making me VERY hungry!

    I'm putting off getting new tires too... spending that amount of money on something like tires is so annoying to me! Better safe than sorry though!

  5. Fun! Like I posted on the last blog-- we loved seeing you! haha--
    Fishes for Wishes sounded fun! (except the crawfish- yuck!)
    Can't wait for you to come home again!:)