Friday, March 26, 2010

My First Blog Award!

I am honored to announce that I have received my first blog award. Boy, do I feel special! The award came from one of my favorite bloggers who also happens to be in one of my favorite families. After you finish reading this post, you should go check her blog out: a gal and her dog.

I won the Master of Karate and Friendship Award!! For this award, I have to list 6 things that I master in and then pass it on to 6 bloggers who I think are masters at friendship and making blogging awesome.

Well obviously I am a master in many things so it will be quite the challenge to to only pick 6.

1.) I am a master of cleaning up muddy paw prints. Spring is officially here and that means plenty of rain here in South MS. This results in a muddy mess in the backyard. Having a doggy door is a wonderful convenience a majority of the time. However, not when it rains. The dogs can come and go as they please leaving muddy paw prints EVERYWHERE. I am a master of removing them from the floors, countertops (Yes, Faulkner thinks anything on the countertops is fair game for him), the walls (when they shake) and even my couch. Tried and true soapy hot water and an old dishrag are the tools this master uses.

2.) I am a master at collecting wine bottles. I should also extend this mastery to many of my dear friends who help me in collecting wine bottles. I collect wine bottles for a project I have planned for the future when we finally get settled somewhere we plan to stay a long time. Most of you reading this blog already know the project, but I will not share for those who do not know. I will tell you that it will be outside and will require the bottom 2-3 inches of the wine bottle that my loving husband cuts off for me with his manly wet tile saw every few months when we start looking like alcoholics with all the wine bottles sitting around.

3.) I am a master at grocery shopping. I HATE going to the grocery store. Theres nothing I enjoy more than trying to weave through aisles full of screaming kids, motorized wheelchairs driven by morbidly obese people filling up their cart with ding dongs and doritos and little old women who can't see well enough to tell a box of oatmeal apart from a bottle of calcium supplements. Yes, I realize I will one day probably have a basket full of screaming kids and eventually will probably be that old lady buying a box of condoms because I thought it was a box of Depends but for now these individuals make the grocery store horrendous. Because of this, I have learned the aisles of the store we frequent and write my list according to the the store layout. Starting with produce, going down the meat aisle that leads to the dairy, and then back down maneuvering through the aisles. I am in my determined and focused vibe at the grocery store. If you see me on your aisle, you better turn around and get out of the way.

4.) I am a master in squeezing toothpaste out of the very bottom, far away corner of the tube. This drives Ben crazy. He doesn't understand why I can't just throw away the tube and open a new one. However, he doesn't realize how much toothpaste is hiding in those corners at the bottom of the tube just waiting for the opportunity to clean my pearly whites. However, he is starting to see how many extra toothbrushing sessions you can get out of tube if just use those hand muscles. I should thank my mom for helping me acquire this mastery.

5.) I am a master at falling asleep while watching a movie. Now, this doesn't include every movie. This only applies to movies that we view at home, I never fall asleep in the theatre, except that time I agreed to go watch one of the Star Wars/Star Trek movies (um, who is Darth Vader?) It always happens if we decide to watch a movie late at night. It doesn't mater if we're watching it on the couch or lying in bed. I. Always. Fall. Asleep. But its always that light sleep, so if Ben laughs at something I can laugh too so he doesn't know I have surrendered to my exhaustion. I eventually have to confess and let him know that I missed part (well most of) the movie and we have to start the whole process again the next day.

6.) I am a master in picking the yummier entree when Ben and I eat out. This occurs almost every time we try out a new restaurant or if we are both trying out new dishes at the restaurants we know and love. Choosing my meal is like choosing between a fabulous handbag on sale or an even more fabulous pair of shoes not on sale. It is a big decision. I love food and love meal times so choosing my meal is a pretty big deal, I always have to tell the waiter that we need several more minutes so I can make this important decision. Because of the great thought that goes into my decision, Ben is always jealous he didn't choose the entree I chose. I feel he should be grateful for my ability to choose yummy meal because not only does he get to try mine, he always gets to finish off what I can't finish. I think its a win-win situation for him.

So now that I have shared a few of my many masteries, I must now pass this award on to my fellow bloggers. My winners are:

1. Anna & Corrie at my first friend and me

2. Jessica at Jessica Lee

3. Jessica at Beginnings as Mrs. B

4. Alison at Ross Ramblings

5. Holly at The Lunsford Family

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Finally!!

Spring break for me is next week and I am super excited. However, it is somewhat bittersweet because this might be the last official spring break I ever have :( Making it even sadder, I have nothing too exciting planned. I am excited that my mom is coming down the first half of the week and then I am going home to North MS with her for the last part of the week. I am looking forward to seeing my niece and my friends (wine night ladies?)

Spring break growing up was something that I always looked forward too. My mom always took the week off to spend it with her girls. It always involved a shopping trip, to Limited Too or Old Navy. I also remember a several year stretch where we went to the Hunt-Phelan home, a historical antebellum home on Beale St., during spring break with Jessica and Ms. Goldie (our sister & Mom whom we do not share DNA) Apparently, we were fascinated by this huge, old, gorgeous house. There were trips to the zoo, the Children's Museum, and the Pink Palace. These weeks were filled with eating out and lots of virgin strawberry daquiris. It is fun to think back to all the memories that were created during spring break. It is also ironic that I was married in one of these spots that were so frequented in my childhood.
As we got older, more and more time during spring break was spent with friends. Spring break my senior year of high school was one of the most memorable. I had a week full of fun with the women who I still consider my very best friends. We didn't go anywhere, we spent every minute of it in the Memphis area but we still reference this week when discussing our funnest times.

Zoo Dance Senior Year

So as next week approaches, I look forward spending the week with none other than my Mom, sister, and niece and also all the ladies who have made Spring Break one of my favorite times of the year!

Please share your favorite Spring break memories!

Monday, March 8, 2010

ABC's of Mr. Goober

Who is this guy posting on the blog? I thought it was only for Mrs. Magnolia.

Well, I've gotten busy getting our house fixed up and trying to transition from one job to another. Don't like that excuse? Yeah, me either. I'd rather be writing about sitting in the sun listening to Ole Miss baseball with my wife whilst enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola.

However, I thought I'd throw down on the ABC's action, since all I had to do was copy and paste most of it.

A-Age: 25
B- Bed size: Queen.
C- Chore you hate: Laundry, it's unending and makes me want to own enough clothes to just throw the worn clothes away rather than wash them.
D- Dogs' names: Layla & Faulkner
E- Essential start your day item: Sportscenter and coffee
F- Favorite color: Probably blue of a darker hue
G- Gold or Silver or Platinum: Platinum for my rims, gold for my teeth and silver for my spoons. Yeah, I know it only makes sense/or is funny to me.
H- Height: 5'9ish
I- Instruments you play: Piano
J- Juice: I've been getting down with some spicy V-8 lately. Maybe I'll explore prune juice next and start hanging out with guys who play dominoes.
K- Kids: I'd like to have some, and I probably don't like yours if we aren't related...sorry.
L- Living arrangements: Wife, dogs. Two bedroom house with one small bathroom.
M- Mom's name: Hedy
N- Nickname: Pipes, not really sure how it started.
O- Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None. I'm a superhero.
P- Pet Peeve: People who bite their fingernails.
Q- Quote: "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." -Mark Twain
R- Right handed or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: Three older sisters, Natalie, Allison and Katie, and a whole host of in-laws.
T- Time you wake up: Now that we have two dogs, generally between 6 and 6:30 a.m.
U- Underwear: Overrated
V- Vegtable you dislike: Rutabegas
W- Ways you run late: playing Xbox, forgetting a chore I promised I would do, BLOGGING!!!1!!!!11
X- X-rays you've had: dental
Y- Yummy food you make: I think I'm a fairly good griller. I make some really good chicken
Z- Zoo favorite: The smell. Nothing truly wakes you up like the doodoo of 235 varieties of animals.

ABC's of Me.

I have done these several times through forwarded e-mails but after seeing it on one of my favorite blogs I thought I should share with all of my blog followers.

A-Age: 25
B- Bed size: Queen.
C- Chore you hate: All of them really, but especially mopping. It seems as soon as I get the floors clean they are nasty again.
D- Dogs' names: Layla & Faulkner
E- Essential start your day item: Coffee
F- Favorite color: Yellow or Red. Depending on the shade and my mood.
G- Gold or Silver or Platinum: Gold, white & yellow
H- Height: 5'6 ish
I- Instruments you play: Hahahaha, none. I do not have a musical bone in my body. I would like to learn how to play the piano someday.
J- Juice: I drink orange regularly but apple is my favorite.
K- Kids: are great, but glad I do not have any for the time being.
L- Living arrangements: In a bright yellow house that was built in 1927 with Ben, Layla, and Faulkner
M- Mom's name: Jan
N- Nickname: Bug is what my mom calls me. LuLu is what my Nana has called me all of my life and now others have started calling me that, including Kinsley.
O- Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I had Meningitis when I was 18 months old that required a 3 month hospital stay
P- Pet Peeve: Smacking while you chew, driving slow in the fast lane
Q- Quote: "We are all of us stars and we all deserve to twinkle" Marilyn Monroe
R- Right handed or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: Only one younger sister, Heather, but I have 3 amazing sister in laws!!
T- Time you wake up: Depends on the day, 6:45 is the latest during the week.
U- Underwear: Odd one, but yes.
V- Vegtable you dislike: Beets
W- Ways you run late: Forgetting to set alarm the night before, Forgetting to do something the night before (make lunch, iron clothes, etc.)
X- X-rays you've had: Dental and MRI's on my head if that counts
Y- Yummy food you make: All of my food is yummy. Its hard for me to pick a favorite.
Z- Zoo favorite: Penguins!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Fever!

Sorry for the delay in posting. It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks with school, work, and clinic. Daylights saving time and the first day of Spring are just a copule of weeks away and I have SPRING FEVER! I am so ready for the weather to warm up and to get outside.

We've been doing a lot of work on our house the past couple of weeks. We touched up all the white baseboards and doors inside, did yardwork in the back (it still looks like a yard terrorized by 2 dogs), had a leaky spot on our roof repaired, and cleaned the backporch. We have bought a new porchlight and I am hoping it will be hung when I get home from work today since Ben is off work today (HINT HINT). Our next big project is getting our back "bonus" room retiled and beadboard ceiling replaced...we will leave that job to professionals. Our "To Do" list still has many items to be crossed off before we list the house and our time is ticking away....

We had a good week last week. We finally parted ways with my old car. My first car. The car that hasn't run since August and has been sitting in our driveway. We put that baby on Craigslist and some nice young man from Louisiana (most of you know what I really wanted to say) came and picked up the car for a very nice price. It was bittersweet seeing old "Candy" go but now our driveway doesn't look like a used car lot. Last weekend we went up to Jackson to spend the day with our good friends, Anna and Nathan. They took us to a yummy Mexican restaurant where we ate 2 bowls of cheese dip and then went to their place and played Spades. Not surprisingly, Anna & I kicked their butts!

I will blame some of the craziness in our life on the addition of a 2nd dog. Faulkner, formerly known as Sippi has been a joy. He is a total sweetheart and I still can't believe those people wanted to part ways with such a sweet dog. He is finally starting to adjust to crazy Layla and is acting more comfortable around us. Apparently his last owners let him sleep in the bed and this is a habit that we have had trouble breaking. There are times when we walk in the bedrom and hes hanging out napping in there! Our ivory comforter has turned to a gray color, nonetheless, I'm in the market for new bedding. We are happy that Faulkner has become part of the family!
Layla has the bone in her mouth. Faulkner is giving her loving
Sweet boy
Layla and Faulkner
The pictures are from my cellphone so they are not the clearest!

Hope everyone has a great humpday!