Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Fever!

Sorry for the delay in posting. It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks with school, work, and clinic. Daylights saving time and the first day of Spring are just a copule of weeks away and I have SPRING FEVER! I am so ready for the weather to warm up and to get outside.

We've been doing a lot of work on our house the past couple of weeks. We touched up all the white baseboards and doors inside, did yardwork in the back (it still looks like a yard terrorized by 2 dogs), had a leaky spot on our roof repaired, and cleaned the backporch. We have bought a new porchlight and I am hoping it will be hung when I get home from work today since Ben is off work today (HINT HINT). Our next big project is getting our back "bonus" room retiled and beadboard ceiling replaced...we will leave that job to professionals. Our "To Do" list still has many items to be crossed off before we list the house and our time is ticking away....

We had a good week last week. We finally parted ways with my old car. My first car. The car that hasn't run since August and has been sitting in our driveway. We put that baby on Craigslist and some nice young man from Louisiana (most of you know what I really wanted to say) came and picked up the car for a very nice price. It was bittersweet seeing old "Candy" go but now our driveway doesn't look like a used car lot. Last weekend we went up to Jackson to spend the day with our good friends, Anna and Nathan. They took us to a yummy Mexican restaurant where we ate 2 bowls of cheese dip and then went to their place and played Spades. Not surprisingly, Anna & I kicked their butts!

I will blame some of the craziness in our life on the addition of a 2nd dog. Faulkner, formerly known as Sippi has been a joy. He is a total sweetheart and I still can't believe those people wanted to part ways with such a sweet dog. He is finally starting to adjust to crazy Layla and is acting more comfortable around us. Apparently his last owners let him sleep in the bed and this is a habit that we have had trouble breaking. There are times when we walk in the bedrom and hes hanging out napping in there! Our ivory comforter has turned to a gray color, nonetheless, I'm in the market for new bedding. We are happy that Faulkner has become part of the family!
Layla has the bone in her mouth. Faulkner is giving her loving
Sweet boy
Layla and Faulkner
The pictures are from my cellphone so they are not the clearest!

Hope everyone has a great humpday!

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  1. Yeah we kicked their butts, and we have the picture to prove it!! I'm going to post that on Facebook soon! :) We had so much fun with yall, and we need to set a date now to come down south for another fun night!!