Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Admit Us.

Into the nuthouse. We have lost our minds. We need psychiatric evaluations. We need the blot picture test. We're probably going to need Prozac, Valum, or possibly a tranquilizer tonight. All because we got another dog. Not just any dog, but another weimaraner.

Last week we debated on whether or not to travel up to North MS to visit my family for the long weekend that we had. The possible winter weather was what was holding us back. Finally, we decided to put on the snow tires and head north. This meant we had to board Layla (our 3 year old weimaraner). We had an awesome weekend at home. We saw some friends, visited family, and ate ALOT. Monday, we roll back into town just in time to pick up Layla from the kennel. While we were waiting, we checked out the bullentin board full of lost cat flyers, puppies for sale ads, etc. But one flyer just happened to stand out. It was a flyer advertising a 14 month old weimaraner for sale. It included 2 pictures (He's quite the stud) and all the good things potential new owners would want to hear (He's housetrained, He can sit, rollover, etc.) What do I do? Write both of the listed numbers down.

The following morning, Ben called. He found out that 'Sippi (short for Mississippi) was a great family dog but his owners just could not offer the proper care. They did not have a fenced in yard and weimaraners require lots of exercise. The owners also travel a lot forcing Sippi to be boarded almost every weekend, which was becoming quite an expense. Ben agreed to come meet Sippi the next day and see how it went. Well needless to say, the meeting went well and Ben left with Sippi and all of his belongings. Ben found out that the flyer had been posted for quite some time and he had been the only one to inquire about Sippi. The owners had made their mind up that if no one had called by week's end, Sippi was going to the pound.

Ben took Sippi home and introduced him to Layla. At first, things were a little odd. A lot of sniffing and even some growling. But it wasn't long before they were outside running around like old friends.

If I had my way, we would already have 5 or 6 dogs. I'm a sucker for them. Ben has told me no (with good reason) since I began asking for another dog about a year ago. But when its feels right, Ben can be a sucker too :)

Life is about to get very interesting.


  1. welcome to the crazy but fun world of two dogs! post a picture please! i'm glad layla has a friend! :)

  2. I can't wait to meet Sippi! It worked out perfect since that sweet baby was about to go to the pound.. Post pictures please!

  3. I'm working on pictures. They won't sit still long enough :)

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures, too. I'm glad y'all brought him home!

  5. So sweet! We want another dog, too...