Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plumber please!

Life has been pretty tame down in the 'burg. Classes are in full swing and I am in clinic 2 full days a week and Ben has been as busy as usual reporting all the happenings in the "friendly city." Yep, things have been pretty normal. However, what is not normal is our bathroom. You see, we live in an 84 year old house with only 1 bathroom. That means only one toilet and one bathtub. This has not been a problem in our 467 days of marriage...until recently. Our house is going on the market in a month or so, which means we (ok really just me) has gone all HGTV'd! Where to start? The bathroom. Apparently, that is a main selling point in a home according to Lisa LaPorta

We got the brillant idea of retiling the bathtub/shower area which still had its original BRIGHT WHITE tile. YUCK! We hired a handyman so to speak, bought all the supplies and in 2 1/2 ish days with no bath OR shower we now have a beautiful modern shower. Pictures to come soon. The handyman did a wonderful job with the tilework, however, he didn't do such a wonderful job when he covered up the bathtub drain. What do you mean you ask? Well after one shower is complete, water is up to your ankles. After 2 showers, water is halfway up your calves. Everytime you take a trip to the restroom, you take a little peek behind the curtain to see if the water has subsided. At night, you say a little prayer that all the water is finally gone so you can take a shower and not have to stand in the Artic Ocean to shower. Most people would call their handyman to have him take care of this problem. Oh no, Handyman decided to get married and is currently on his honeymoon! Ben has tried everything. Plungers, wire hangers, hot boiling water, some contraption called a Snake, he even offered to crawl under the house. We gave up hope of correcting this problem ourselves and reached for the YellowBook. We called plumbers Monday morning and we found one who could be there Wednesday morning, as in today. Well its 2:02 p.m. and still no plumber. No offense to anyone who uses their "hands" to make their living, but we live in Mississippi where college degrees are far and in between so why are we having such a hard time finding a someone who can solve our problem. We have guests coming this weekend and we might be a house full of stinky folks or have an overflowing tub if help doesn't come. The end to come...

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  1. i'm glad i got to take a shower without cold water coming up my calves! also, i love how you put a pic of the lady who says bathrooms are a main selling point lol u nerd! o yeh.. bathroom looks awesome!! :)