Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today, February 09, 2010, Mrs. Anna A. Rucker joined the quarter of a century club. I know she feels extremely honored to join me in such a prestigious club. Anna and I go way back, we were Gators together at Greenbrook Elementary. We became super close in high school and were roomates together at Ole Miss. We have experienced so much together, life's great blessings, heartaches, accomplishments, mistakes, and times we'd probably rather forget. We became who we are in part because of each other. I feel honored and blessed that she is such a huge part of my life. She is one of my dearest friends and and I am super excited she is celebrating another year.

Anna & I at Ole Miss

Anna & I at her rehearsal dinner

Let me tell you about Anna. Anna is incredibly smart and has the looks to match. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. She loves Jesus with all her heart and her Christian faith makes her a very strong woman. She has wonderful taste and is the perfect person to ask for help in doing anything (related to fashion or decorating that is ;) ) She loves her diet coke and Junior Mints. She can argue like no other, you might as well hang it up! She is a amazing wife, daughter, sister, and birdie. She claimes to be a Alabama fan, but I think its just an act she puts up in front of her Daddy. She gets a little tipsy after one glass of wine. She feels womanly when she bakes a loaf of homemade bread. She holds her coffee mug with 2 hands. She loves her dog Bella. But she is best at being a best friend. I am so happy to call Anna my best friend. So heres to 25 more years together dear friend! The best is yet to come!

I love you Anna Banana!


  1. This was the sweetest post!!! It made me tear up! I love all the things you know about me so well because you are my bff! I miss your face, and I need some you time! I love you! Go Gators!!! haha

  2. YAYAYAYA!!!!! I hope your birthday was the best ever! Me & you time will happen real soon missy!