Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Like Bandeaus and I Cannot Lie

Yes, I used a hip 90's rap song as my title of this post. Before I can divulge into my love for Bandeaus, I must apologize for my lack of posting in the last week. I finished my externship last Friday and honestly I have been enjoying all my free time. We had a lovely weekend, we spent a majority of it at the pool soaking up the sun and reading. We also spent a lot of time with Patrick and Megan. I've spent this week staying up late and sleeping in, packing boxes, and running errands. We have so much going on this month. We leave tomorrow and will be gone for 10 days. We are traveling to Key West for 5 days and after arriving into Atlanta we will then drive over to Hattiesburg for my graduation next Friday. We will then head up to Memphis for our last visit before the big move. My awesome sister in law Natalie who lives in Memphis with her family is throwing me a graduation party in 2 weeks and then we move the following week. Whew, I'm exhausted just typing all that out, but if you know me I'm always going so I will be loving every bit of it! So I know most of you just can't get enough of my posts since they're highly entertaining and all, but I must warn that this little blog is going to be lacking this month. I sincerely aplogize for this but I promise as soon as we get settled and life returns to somewhat normalcy, I'll be right back into the action!

Now, for the purpose for the cheesy title. Well we are about to spend 5 glorious days in Key West and any vacation requires a few purchases. Well in my case, it was new swimsuits. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't bought a new swimsuit in almost 3 years. YIKES, right? I didn't realize how bad it was until a few weeks ago, when Ben told me that I ought to buy some new swimsuits before KW because mine were looking pretty worn out. While I was happy that he was telling me it was ok to buy some new stuff, it made me realize that if Ben was noticing how awful they were then we had a serious problem, hah. So I set off searching for a couple of perfect bathing suits. I found 2 from Victoria's Secret. Upon arrival, I decided I only really liked one of them and sent the either one back. I had ordered one bikini with a Bandeau top and one with a halter top. I decided Bandeau was more my style so the halter went back. Here's the one I decided to keep.

The stripes aren't nearly as bright in the picture as they are but I just love it, totally a throwback to the 80's.  Well I knew one new swimsuit just wasn't going to cut it so I decided to check Target when I was there earlier this week to purchase Target type of stuff.  JACKPOT.  I found 3, yes 3 bathing suits that I love!  Well actually, 2 bottoms & 3 tops but one pair of bottoms can go with 2 tops. Let me just show you!

See, I told you I love bandeaus!  It's hard to tell in the 2nd picture, but there is a medallion in the center of the top with blue & turquoise beads and the ties in the back are a blue & turquoise pattern. It is probably my favorite since the colors are so vibrant.  I'm totally loving the mismatched yellow and pink, who knew those two colors would look so marvelous together.  The third set has a multi-colored floral patter on ruffles.  I love the ruffles and I also have a pair of fuschia colored bottoms that will go great with that top as well.  And the best part was the price!  I believe the most expensive piece was $17 and almost all of them were under $15!  I don't usually get excited over swimsuit shopping, I mean who really does?  But this year was totally different because I actually found pieces that I love. Plus, no tan lines!

Well I just wanted to share my joy & excitment in swimsuit shopping.  It's the small things right?  This will probably be my last post since we are heading out tomorrow but I hope everyone enjoys the days ahead.  I want to say a big THANKS to all my followers. I love reading your comments and y'all make this little blog so much more fun.  So, y'all bear/bare (which is it?) with me while I'm MIA for a little while.

Oh yeah, Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Y'all enjoy yourself a refreshing 'rita, I know I will :)