Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is Here!

Officially. It's hard to keep up with the first day of summer here in the South because it's felt like summer for months now. I am experiencing my first summer ever without freedom. Sure, I had summers in college and grad. school where I had a class here and there but this summer I am WORKING...eeek! Summer and work do not belong in the same sentence. Period. Since I've been a slacker lately, I thought I'd fill everyone in on whats been going on with us.

As much as I complained above, I really am enjoying my job. I get to see some very interesting cases and work with professionals in other disciplines so I am learning a lot about different medical fields. I am also very lucky that my friend Emily, who was in my AuD program at USM is an intern here as well. It is nice having somone you are close with experiencing the same thing. We have designated friday as our eating out day for lunch. We don't see patients on fridays so we don't feel rushed to get back to patients. We are in walking distance of a lot of yummy places. I have to say I think my favorite place we've tried is Camp Taco. Chicken taco with fresh corn & white bbq mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Ben has been working for the past 3 weeks or so as a server at Chili's. I must brag and say that he has done really well especially considering he has never worked as a server. He is the charmer..sinking so low as to put "Roll Tide" on some of his checks. YUCK. He starts his job at the Birmingham Business Journal in a little over two weeks and we are both very excited about it. He will be reporting on healthcare and banking. I am so excited that he found a job so soon. I really think he is going to like it! Also, he has normal people hours from 8-5 and no weekends or holidays! Being the worryier (sp?) that I am (thanks Mom & Nana), I must admit the thought of surviving on my little intern pay and tips from Chili's was so overwhelming. I knew God would provide and we would make it. But, oh the power of prayer. It never ceases to amaze me how things seem to work out when you just give it to God. Hallelujah, right?

Our puppies are doing just fine. They have adjusted to apartment living pretty well and love waking Ben up at 6 am for potty time. The other tenants in our building have learned their names and knows that Layla is the one who will rudely bark at them and Faulkner will run up hoping for some loving.

We've been keeping it pretty lazy around here, it is the summer right? Won't be long until football season now :)

Until something exciting happens...

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  1. I'm glad your summer is going good-- despite you having to work! Being off in the summer is the best :) haha... I have worked plenty of summers that you have been off- I know how bad it can be! And YAY for Ben's job! And I can't wait to come visit you in Bham to see your cute apt and puppies! I still haven't met Faulkner!