Monday, June 28, 2010

A Dog's Life

Eating, sleeping, chewing on rawhide bones, and the 4 or 5 walks a day...what more could a dog want? A whole lot more if your a four-legged furry canine living under our roof. Apparently, our two pups decided they needed a little more excitement in their lives. About a week and a half ago, the toilet in the bathroom that we use most often stopped up and started overflowing, not the best way to start the day! Not surprisingly, it took the apartment people over a week to get over here to fix the problem. And that was after the threat that we had visitors coming for the weekend and one toilet would not cut it. It's amazing how a little white lie can whip those maintenance men into business. These men were convinced it was a Q-tip lodged in the toilet, however being the "ear" person that I am I knew this was not the case. Finally, after augering it inside they decided it might be a good idea to take the toilet outside to finish the job. Surprise, surprise, it wasn't a Q-tip. Better yet, it was a piece of their plastic red tug toy all wrapped in Charmin. We have the suspicions that while sneaking a drink out of the bowl, one of them dropped their beloved toy. I also have a feeling it was miss Layla, that girl always has a toy in her mouth. Pretty wise move on her part, she got to harrass the plumbers for two whole days.

And if that wasn't enough excitement to last the week, Layla had to cause more mischief. They have a large cow femur that my mom brought with her on a weekend trip to Hattiesburg to keep them entertained. They are generally very good at taking turns chewing on it. This was not the case on Thursday afternoon. We were sitting on the couch researching kennels to board them for the July 4th weekend when we hear a loud painful shreik come from Faulkner who then runs by and brushes my leg. We continue on with your research and when I get up and Ben informs me that I'm bleeding. I look down and see blood all over my legs. We walk towards the kitchen and it looks as though a small animal has been murdered. There is blood EVERYWHERE. Then we start walking around and see blood all over the carpet and even on the walls. I go into panic mode and see Faulkner standing in the kitchen looking so confused but his tail is still wagging. We look at his ear and notice that a small little sliver is gone and blood oozing out. I then go into super panic mode because I have no idea how to get blood out of carpet and all I can think about is the $$$ that we will have to pay the apartment to replace the carpet when we move. I send Ben down to Patrick and Megan's to retrieve carpet cleaner while I am frantically Googling "how to get blood out of the carpet." I read that hydrogen peroxide in a squirt bottle will do the trick. Of all the random things, we actually have hydrogen peroxide. So I start squirting away and blotting with a towel as the website told me to do. Ben gets back home and I have cleaned half of the blood up. We're hoping that their long weekend at "camp" will be enough excitement to last a little while.

Next month's Playgirl centerfold

I'm holding the femur above my head in this one
Cool tile after a long walk

Layla with the infamous tug toy

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  1. Oh My Goodness!!! Poor Faulkner! I would have freaked out too. Oh Layla-- this whole blog just made me laugh... your babies are crazy!!