Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adios Hattiesburg!

We move in less than 48 hours! It's unbelievable how fast the past 3 years have flown by, but it's time to move on. We can't really express how excited and ready we are for the next big step, however, there are things that we will deeply miss here in the 'burg.

Oh, by the way, these are in no particular order.

Parkway Heights United Methodist Church.

Ok, so maybe the statement above is a little, tiny, itsy-bitsy lie because the church is by far what we will miss the most. This is the first church I have felt "at home" at since moving away and leaving the church I grew up in. It is such a welcoming place and is dedicated to serving and helping Hattiesburg. Ben and I joined this church together one week before we said "I do" and it has been one of the most important decisions we have made as a married couple. Our young couples sunday school class taught us so much about being a couple who puts God first. We made so many dear friends in class and in church that we will also dearly miss. And I can't forget Eddie Rester, our beloved Ole Miss graduated preacher. Someone in Birmingham has some big shoes to fill. Eddie always keeps my attention and that is saying A LOT with my five year old attention span and the messages are filled with so much meaning that stays with me when I leave on Sundays. No worries PHUMC, we'll be back for a visit

School of Nursing.

When I haven't been in classes or in clinic, I have spent the past 3 years at the nursing school working as a graduate assisstant. Through the glass door of room 214 is where you would find me. I have loved working here and I couldn't have asked for better coworkers. They are the sweetest bunch on this campus. They are so hard-working and they love their students. I am going to miss their sweet faces and quirky ways. I have had 3 other mamas watching over me here in Hattiesburg and I will definitely miss them. I have learned a lot here and I will always cherish my time here. I am so grateful that they gave this Ole Miss girl a chance :)

The Little Yellow House.

This would be our house. It's small and old and full of character and I adore it. If only we could pack it up in the Uhaul and take it with us. It has been the perfect little place for us, even with its cold drafty floors and skinny little bathroom. I'll probably miss the back porch the most. We spent many spring and summer nights out there getting devoured by mosquitos but we loved every minute of it. I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as we have. She has gotten herself a little gem.

Of course, I am going to miss the girls in my program and the faculty too. I'll miss hanging out at the pool on summer afternoons and trivia at LaFiesta. Now, I'm a big girl and must move on to a big girl world.

See y'all in Birmingham!

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  1. Aw Linds! Sweet post! The only one I can comment on though is your little yellow house. I loved it! It was too cute- (thanks to your amazing decorating skills and the old character of it). Happy moving day!! Can't wait to visit your new little place!