Monday, January 31, 2011

Georgia on my Mind

Happy Monday Y'all.  Hope the weekend treated you kindly.  We traveled to Georgia this past weekend to celebrate 2 souls becoming one.

We got to Ben's parents house right around lunchtime on Friday.  They took us to one of their favorite spots for lunch, Little Havanna Cafe, not the most original name for a Cuban joint but the food was delicious. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to eat my pitiful black beans again because Ms. Cecila's were ridiculous.  After spending the afternoon with them and getting caught up, Ben & I traveled to Buford, home of the Mall of Georgia to meet up with one of Ben's childhood friends for dinner.  We went to Taco Mac.  This was my first experience there and the food was just ok but they had a huge selection of beer so I got to try a couple I had never had.  We spent several hours with Colin catching up and I got to hear wild tales from their younger years. 

Saturday we took a trip to Athens to shop at Trader Joes. If you have never been to a TJ, the next time you are in a city that has one you must stop in.  The best part of TJ is their ridiculously cheap wine, better known as two-buck chuck.  It's like $2.79 a bottle or you can get a case for $33 which of course is what we did.  Seriously, you would never know it was $2 wine, it's that good.  We also stocked up on grocery items and after eating tacos last night with TJ taco seasoning, I'm sad we didn't get a case of seasoning. hah.  Saturday afternoon we headed to the wedding.  It was a small event but still beautiful and oh so sweet.  The groom's eyes lit up when the doors of the church opened and he saw his beautiful bride standing there.  We got to visit with a lot of Ben's family, most of whom we hadn't seen since all of our wedding festivities.  After the wedding, we headed out to see more of Ben's friends.  We went to an old steel factory that has since been converted into a bar/restaurant.  I got to meet a couple of friends I had yet to meet and also Mike, who married Ben and I was there with his super sweet wife Krista.  We stayed there well into early Sunday morning talking about everything under the sun.  The group also informed me of the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West VirginiaHave you heard of these crazy people?  They are apparently a drugged up, crime driven tap dancing family. I sure hadn't and after hearing a little bit about this family, I am intrigued.  I have added the documentary on the Netflix cue and can't wait to see all the stories I was told unfold on my t.v.

Sunday, we went to church with Ben's parents and had Sunday dinner at their house.  It was delicious but shortly after lunch we had to head out so we could get back to Birmingham in time to pick up our angel from the kennel.  But not before Ben shut our only set of keys to the Lincoln in the trunk.  Curse words went flying because the trunk release button on the driver's side has never worked for us.  The 4 of us are all looking around trying to see if there is some magical way to fold the backseats down so we can get through that way. No such luck.  Ben gets on the phone with AAA to see if they can come give us a hand.  Ben's mom, an incredibly smart woman, pulls the owner's manual from the glovebox and starts reading.  Less than a minute later, the trunk was opened.  Apparently our trunk release button never "worked" because it had been deactivated at one time, probably for valet and had never been reactivated.  Crisis diverted.  We got home in plenty of time to pick up Layla and spend a relaxing night on the couch.

Oh, and for those of you that read WILW last week, I chose the top dress.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Good choice-- even though.. I loved both choices! I can't wait until I am in normal clothes again, and I can borrow them when such an occasion arises! :) It sounds like y'all had an excitingly fun weekend- and now I am totally intrigued by Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia... you will have to give me more info on that!