Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lord bless the person who invented hand trucks.

Winter weekends. They just make you want to lay around and be lazy. We did a little of that this weekend but we also did plenty of running around and exploring.  Saturday, I had to get up super early and take national boards so I can get a license to practice Audiology when I graduate in May.  Ben got up super early too so he could just drop me off at the building so I wouldn't have to worry about finding a parking place.  This was super sweet and it really did make things easier.  The test went ok. I have no clue if I passed or not and I won't find out until early February but I felt ok when I left and I'm not going to worry with it for now. 

Friday night, we went and picked up our dresser and apparently we did not realize how massive it was because we soon realized there was no way we were getting it up a steep hill and a flight of stairs without help from a hand truck.  So after dropping me off for my test, Ben drove down to the 'burbs to rent a hand truck for the day.  The night before we asked one of the guys that lives on our floor to help us get it upstairs. He was more than willing to do it but when we told him we would pay him in cold-refreshing libations, he seemed a little more willing.  After picking me up from my test, we headed home and devised a plan of action.  We got our other dresser moved out of our room and into its new home, the spare bedroom.  We also rearranged the living room furniture to make maneuvering that thing easier.  It was time to fetch the neighbor.  Once we got downstairs to the car, I climbed in the front seat so I could push the box while the guys pulled. Success.  Now that the box was out of the truck, the guys decided it would be better if we took the dresser out of the box so we could remove all the drawers to lighten the load.  We did this and Ben swears that taking out all 9 drawers took off a good 150 pounds.  Next, came the worrisome part, strapping our brand new beautiful dresser on the hand truck and getting it up 2 stories.  I watched like a hawk as they carefully and patiently got it up the hill. Success x 2.  Now for the most daunting challenge, up the winding narrow staircase.  I took retreat at the top of the with eyes closed and in prayer that 1.) our dresser would look the same when it got to the top of the stairs 2.) the guys wouldn't lose control of the hand truck and someone get crushed by our 600+ pound beast.  After just a few minutes, they had made it to the top.  Success x 3.  Our dresser made it successfully to its home, our bedroom.  Of course I got right to work filling it up.  With our previous dresser (the one that now resides in the spare), it was only large enough for my clothes and we used another dresser in the spare for all of Ben's clothes.  BUT now all of our stuff fits into our dresser!  So now Ben doesn't have to run across the apartment when he gets out of the shower to fetch his clothes. It's the small things in life right?  Anyways, Ben is still reminding me that he picked out the dresser  and how beautiful it is.  I'm still looking for a few accessories for it because a bare dresser is like a woman with no jewelry. 

Happy Monday Y'all!

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