Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Us Your Singles

Today I am linking up with Kelly who is doing a series "Show us your Life." Today's feature is show us you singles.  I am using this as a fun way to introduce my friend Carrie.

Carrie is a the  most fun-loving loyal friend a girl could have.  She has lived in South MS all of her life, she is the eptiomy of a southern belle!

  • Carrie is 26.
  • In 4 short months, You can start referring to her as Dr. Carrie as she will finish her doctorate of Audiology in May.
  • She is a die-hard Southern Miss fan and proudly supports her golden eagles.  She loves attending sporting events and could surprise most guys with her sports knowledge.
  • She comes from a very close family and loves children.  She is anxiously awaiting the birth of her niece, Adalynn in March.
  • She is very involved in community organizations and is always volunteering her time to help in any way she can.
  • She love her Boston Terrier, Keleigh.
  • She loves God.
  • She's always up for a good time!

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  1. Here is the link to those frames you like! They are SO cute!

  2. Well who knew those were Amy Butler fabrics. No wonder why I like them so much! Thanks!

  3. My cousin sent me over to check Carrie out. She promised I wouldn't be disappointed and I agree completely. Tiffany put a post for me up so maybe Carrie can check it out (#250). Sean