Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Happy Wednesday Y'all!!

I'm loving that the Yukon is back in action.  If you read my previous post  then you know we had some car issues on our way home from Birmingham on Sunday.  Of course Ben was right and it was our alternator all along.  Yes, it totally sucked paying that man for something he should have fixed the first go around but I was so happy to take myself to work and not depend on chauffeurs to get me there :)

I'm loving that Ben and I have big plans this weekend.  What are they you ask?  They're big plans to get some projects done around the house.  Our guest bath downstairs is the lovely shade of cheetos right now and I have been ready to paint that since we moved in but haven't been able to choose a color.  I still haven't chosen a color but I think we have narrowed it a hue in the aqua family, but soothing aqua.  I think once we get the room primed we will be able to pick a color easier.  I also have plans to clean out one of the guest rooms that have been the catch all for all the stuff we haven't unpacked or found a place.  We have 6 panels that my mom made with that awesome chevron print I shared in an earlier post that need to be hung.  We have a bay window and we are having trouble finding the proper hardware.  I plan to fix that this weekend.  And maybe since we live in the lovely state of Mississippi and the temperatures will be in the 60's this weekend we might can get some outside work completed!

I'm loving that Ben purchased season tickets for Ole Miss baseball this week.  We've never been season ticket holders in baseball since we've lived too far to justify the cost but now that we are so close we can't wait to spend our spring weekends in Oxford.  The Ole Miss marketing department released this baseball promotional video today and I am loving it!

Speaking of Ole Miss, I'm loving that the each of the four teams left in the NFL playoffs has a former Ole Miss Rebel on the roster.  Not only are they on the roster, they're all starters!  Eli Manning of the NY Giants, Patrick Willis of the San Fransisco 49'ers, Michael Oher of the Baltimore Ravens, and Ben Jarvis Green Ellis of the New England Patriots are the fine athletes representing my alma mater.  That means 2 Rebels will be playing in the Super Bowl on February 5th.  This picture has been floating around the world wide web and I love it. 

I'm loving this chandelier from Ballard Designs  that I am pondering purchasing for our breakfast nook.  I am not too fond of the one that is currently hanging there and love the simplicity of the fixture from Ballard Designs.

taken from the couch. I was being lazy.

clearly has a professional photographer.

I'm also loving this rug for our kitchen.  As you can see in the picture above, our kitchen/hearth room is painted an off-white.  It was painted a terrible red and it looked as though Dan Mullen had threw up in this kitchen and we were not having it.  So having neutral walls gives us the opportunity to put pops of color elsewhere and I think this rug does just that!  My only reservation with it is that the base color is ivory and not sure if that is a wise choice for a kitchen.  It's priced ridiculously low right now so if I did decide to purchase it and it only stayed fresh for a couple of years, I'd be totally ok with that.  Any thoughts?

That's all my loves this week! Hope y'all have a great one!


  1. Buy the rug and the chandelier! Love them both. Glad that your car is fixed!

  2. are your two pups weimaraners? one of my friends have those type of dogs they are gorgeous!