Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend Recap.

Yes, it's Tuesday but I struggle to even eat dinner on Monday nights when I get home from work so mustering up the energy and brain power to write a post is something I can't even begin to wrap my finger around.  I'm working on it though..slowly.

Friday night we went to watch one of the local high school's basketball team play my alma mater.  One of our good friends is a coach on the team and this team happens to be #1 in the state.  Since the schools are in the same town they are rivals I suppose and the gym was packed when we arrived but luckily since we are VIP we had seats behind the team.  It was a pretty good game until the end when DeSoto Central ran away with it and solidified their #1 ranking.  After the game, a group of us went to dinner and grabbed drinks.  

Saturday was a day for chores.  We started the day off at Lowe's buying an assortment of items we needed for around the house.  We then headed back home and my mom and niece joined us so we could get started on our big project.  Hanging our bedroom curtains which was an all day affair.  We have a bay window in our bedroom and I had bought a rod made for bay windows that I had found at Lowe's a few weeks ago but the durn thing was too short so back it went.  I don't know if y'all have priced bay window rods but they are not cheap by any stretch so I wasn't sure what to do when the Lowe's rod didn't work.  That was until my mom came up with an brilliant idea.  She suggested we use PVC pipes and elbow joints to make our own.  And thats exactly what we did.  We simply cut the pipes to length, spray painted them and the joints, and attached all the pieces together.  The whole project including the paints and brackets was under $50.  The only part I have left to do is add the finials to the ends of the rods. Saturday night, I had bunco and Ben went to our friend's house to play pool.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  We got all of our laundry and grocery shopping done and decided it was time to tackle the downstairs guest bath.  We bought 3 paint samples on Saturday and didn't like any of the colors because they looked so dark on certain points of the wall.  We decided to just wing it and choose a color that was in the same family of all the colors we had tried.  We decided on one of the lightest shade and as soon as we had the first stroke painted we knew that was the perfect color.  That night we tried a new recipe, Cheese Enchiladas with Green Sauce. Ohmgeeee.  They were absolutely delicious.  I will definitely be sharing the recipe with y'all shortly.  We also watched the NFC Championship and what a game it was!!  Ben was pulling for the Giants and I was indifferent since I like both teams and was a little disappointed in the way it ended but I got over that pretty fast because I was still so happy that Eli Manning and the Giants were headed back to the Super Bowl.  After the game we headed to our room so we could start watching Bridesmaids.  It wasn't long after we started when my phone started ringing and it was my mom.  She was calling to ask if we were in our "safe place."  I replied telling her no we were in bed watching a movie to which she said can y'all not tell there is a tornado heading our way. Y'all need to get in your safe place which of course we hadn't even thought about where that was in this house.  We gathered up my cell phone and a blanket with Layla following and walked across the house to a hallway we deemed as safe.  We sat there for about 10 minutes until we grew bored and decided it was safe to go back to bed.  It was a fast moving storm and the dangerous stuff moved out of here quickly.  We didn't finish the movie since I fell asleep shortly after we made it back to bed.  And we're still working on finishing the movie.  I'm a terrible movie watcher.

Here's a couple of pictures of house projects progress!

Don't you just LOVE the cheeto orange the previous owners had in this bathroom??  You seriously needed some shades on to even go in there.  Those are the colors we were considering.  The lightest shade is the color we chose.

Making progress.  Love this color.

Memo board I made from an old cabinet door that was sitting beside the dumpster at the apartment.  Our fridge is stainless steel so we have no where to hang save the dates, invites, etc. so I used magnetic primer and chalkboard paint to make this board for our mudroom.  I'm making another piece to put below it with old knobs to hang jackets and bags when we come in.

Please excuse all the junk in the picture.  Aren't they gorgeous?? I love them and the feel they bring to our room.  We have another window that also has a pair of these adorning them.  This room is almost finished now!  I'll post updated pics when the room is done.

Hooray for a semi-productive weekend!!

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  1. Looks like y'all chose a good color!! Sad to see the cheeto orange go (ha!). And I like the memo board! I have two cabinet doors upstairs that I am trying to figure out something to do with.. I just might steal your idea :)