Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Recap.

Could I have another three day weekend, please?  Two days just isn't enough.  I think Obama needs to make that a federal law, if he did that and made gas under $2 a gallon he'd get my vote in November but unfortunately for the both of us those things will probably not happen. 

Friday night my parents decided to come down to Hernando. Oh yeah, Hernando, Mississippi is where we live now.  Hopefully one day I'll get around to sharing our house buying process.  Anywho, my parents decided to come down to bring us a mirror that I had ordered online and accidentally chose my parent's address when I picked the shipping address on Paypal.  We decided to make a dinner date while they were here (although it's only a 15 minute drive between our houses).  We decided to go to Windy City Grille on the square. It was super delicious and we enjoyed spending time with my folks.  After dinner, my parents dropped us off at our house and as we got out of the car it appeared that the children in our cove were still outside playing.  As we walked towards the end of our driveway we discovered that two of the moms were enjoying some adult beverages while letting their kids enjoy after dark outside time on a Friday evening.  We decided to grab a couple of adult libations and let Layla out to play with the other dogs of the cove and kids and spent the rest of our Friday night hanging out with the residents of our little cove.

We spent the majority of Saturday running errands.  We still had a few returns to make from Christmas and finally got all of those taken care of.  We stopped and picked up the chevron fabric I purchased last weekend that had to be ordered since I needed so much.  We grabbed lunch at Schlotzsky's.  As far as I know, there is only one Schlotzsky's left in the metro Memphis area and that makes me sad.  Ben and I happen to love their food and I hope the business we give them whenever we can keeps them open.  A day of errands wouldn't be complete without a trip to Lowe's.  Santa brought us a pool table for our bonus room and Ben hadn't been successful in getting it level so we had to pick up some shims.  Once we got home, Ben headed upstairs to work on his man cave while I hung up a few things around the house.  That night, we had plans with our good friends, Anna and Nathan.  They came to Hernando and we had dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.  The boys got hibachi and we got sushi.  After dinner, we headed back to our house and headed upstairs to play pool and throw darts.  Before we started playing, Ben wanted to move the pool table to the center of the room and after getting the table moved it was perfectly level. No need for those $4 shims, ha.  We played pool and darts for hours with various Pandora stations playing for our good times tunes.  I must say that Anna and I beat the boys in the first game of pool.   

We topped off the weekend with a  wonderful Sunday.  After church, we grabbed Mexican for lunch and picked up our groceries.  We took care of a few chores and watched Eli and the Giants beat the Falcons in the first round of the playoffs.  This morning I started a crock pot French onion soup recipe that I had pinned on Pinterest.  It definitely wasn't the best French onion soup I've ever had but considering how involved traditional French onion soup is, I would say it was pretty delicious when you consider the amount of time and effort we put into it.  And, it's definitely something we will make again. 

We are having some friends over for the NC championship game tomorrow, go SEC!!  While I can't stand either team, I'll definitely be cheering for Alabama since I spent a year in that state it holds a special place in my heart and yuck Louisiana.  

I'll leave with a few pictures of the house projects I got done this weekend.  Sorry the pictures were taken with my phone.

I got started on my mirror gallery wall in our dining room.  I started collecting mirrors a few weeks ago and grew impatient so I decided to hang what I already have which is actually helpful since now I know what shapes I need to finish it off.  

So this is the mirror my parents delivered Friday night. I purchased it with the intent to put in our half bath since I took the mirror that was in there down the day we closed because it was U-G-L-Y.  However, I didn't think to measure the space and this mirror is way too big for the space. No bueno BUT I needed something for the entry and this is perfect.  The furniture and accessories that are there now are temporary and this mirror is the perfect inspiration piece.

Do these look familiar??  I totally got the idea for these jewelry hangers on Pinterest.  I made the earring hangers about a month ago and finally got around to making the necklace holder this weekend.  There are several pins floating around for the earring holder. The ones I saw pinned the most used chicken wire or metal grating but I decided to use window screen since it is dirt cheap and I could cut it with scissors.  I attached it to the frames with a staple gun.  The only negative to the earring hanger/display is that you can't put studs or dangly earrings that have an attached back.  And I had to put the little rubber backs for the earrings in a little box in my vanity.  I am super pleased with how they both turned out and they are perfect in our closet.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Are you serious??? That's my hometown!! We will have to meet!!!

  2. ... And I live in Oxford! So, so close! Can we all have a North MS blog meet-up please??