Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend and Pictures!

Happy Sunday Y'all!

We are just lounging around with the SAG awards playing in the background as we enjoy this lazy night.  We had a fun and productive weekend with lots of rest too.  Friday, we headed to watch our friends basketball team win another nail biter game.  This game was much much more exciting and fun compared to last week because the student sections were brutal and quite creative shouting things to one another.  Saturday, we both had appointments at our favorite salon, Bloom in Southaven.  I was due for cut and color and decided to go a little wild and get Megan to cut some side bangs.  Talk about being edgy, hah.  After Ben had his haircut, he got to be pampered for an hour with a massage.  I was a little jealous until I got to the shampoo and style. Gosh, it really is the small things in life.  I have super super fine and thin hair and it's always so dull and blah and I always loved how volumous my hair would look and feel after leaving the salon so one day I decided to purchase the shampoo and conditioner that Megan always used on my hair and I haven't looked back since. The brand is LiQwid and not only does it work wonders for my hair but it smells so delicious.  I usually have to purchase new bottles every other visit so Megan offered to buy me liters from their dealer since I love it so much and they'd had been delivered that week.  Score! I was like a kid leaving an ice cream shop when we finished up.  After the salon, we ran a few errands around town.  We picked up some planters for our front porch.  They are really giant urns but Ben said since we aren't using them to store any dead relatives they needed a different name so planters it is. We purchased a pair that were an aged ivory but took them back today to swap them out for the darker color because we thought the darker ones would show up better against our house.  We also picked up a bedside table for our bedroom at a local antique store that we had never shopped before.  We are still searching for one more because the one that we have been using since we moved in is being borrowed from another room, whoops.  I have big plans to paint the table we bought to give our room a pop of color it needs although the piece is in remarkable shape.  We had plans to hang out with our good friends Jene and Hannah but while we were watching the Ole Miss basketball game, I developed a terrible headache that took forever to shake so we just decided to stay in and watch terrible television.

Today was like most other Sundays.  We went to church, grabbed lunch, and picked up our weekly groceries.  We also did some laundry and cleaned the house.  I also tried a couple of pins from Pinterest.  We had everything to make the Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes so I decided to throw those together when my mom called to say that they were going to stop by.  Well, I must I was definitely disappointed.  Mine were not as pretty as the ones on the blog nor did they rise like the ones in the picture.  I thought ok ok, I can get past the look as long as it tastes delicious.  Another disappointment.  They were super dry and that I have no explanation for that because I followed the recipe exactly.  After the cupcake fail, I decided to take a stab at another pin.  I have been meaning to make a wreath for our door that leads to the backyard since I took the Christmas wreath down and had found several I loved on Pinterest.  I decided to go with the Bubble Burlap wreath since I have a slight obsession with burlap right now and I had plenty of it lying around.  After getting the squares cut, the rest of the assembly was a breeze.  I plan on making another for our mud room door once I'm ready to cut 90 + squares.  

Another successful weekend in the books. 

I'll conclude this post with pictures from some of the stuff I've mentioned in this post and my Birmingham post.  Yes, I finally took pictures of some of the treasures I found there.

Ignore the feathers, they're gone now.  Our awesome antique store find.

Lighter planters

Darker.  Now we just need to fill them with pretty plants.

We bought Layla a stuffing-less raccoon and she LOVED it.  She was apparently worn out from her "busy" weekend.  I'm loving not having to pick up stuffing from around the house.

Those awesome pillar candles we found in Birmingham.  Found the perfect spot for them, beside our dresser in our room.

Both Birmingham purchases.  These tall candlesticks are the perfect centerpiece for our DR table.  The very top mirror on the wall was the perfect addition to this mirror gallery.  

Burlap Bubble Wreath!!  Isn't it precious??  All I had was tulle laying around so the bow kind of blends in but I think I like it that way.

Here's to a wonderful week!!


  1. Everything looks great...I am in love with those pillar candles!

  2. I haven't been by here in a while...glad to hear from you again! Your house looks phenomenal!!! Greattttt job! I love every picture I've seen of it!!