Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Happy Wednesday Y'all.  As always, I'll be linking up with Jamie

First, I'm loving that all of my family and friends are safe from the storms that blew threw the Memphis area over the past 48 hours.  We've had round 1 and it's supposed to get dangerous tonight.  Praying that God looks over everyone here in Alabama.

I'm loving my Moroccanoil hair treatment.

Megan at Bloom always puts this in my hair when I get it done and when I had my hair done earlier this month I decided I just had to buy some.  Oh, how I love it.  It makes my hair so smooth and soft and it gives it a little bit of ooompf!  

I'm loving the Capri Blue Frosted Mercury Glass Jar candle in Sheer Peony from Anthropologie. Not only is the jar beautiful but the candle smells DELICIOUS.  As I have mentioned before, peonies are my absolute favorite and the fact that they smell wonderful makes me love them even more.  I definitely plan on purchasing more of these.

I'm loving that this weekend I finally found a pair of shoes suitable for graduation.  This was the 3rd pair I had purchased.


I liked them but I thought they were slightly on the prostitute looking side and were almost $100.


I mentioned these on my blog a while back and asked for opinions.  This one seemed to be the favorite so I purchased them.  They were considerably cheaper than the NW pair but after trying them on, I understood why.  Ouch.


Finally, a winner!  I decided to pop in DSW last week to just see what they had.  These were the first shoes I spotted when I walked in and after seeing the price tag I knew it had to be the shoe. To my surprise, I tried them on ad they were super comfy given their $35 price tag and they were exactly what I was going for. Score.

Finally, I'm loving that we are only 9 days away from being in paradise. Key West. We are so excited and can't believe it's next week!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Have fun in Key West! I am going to have to try that Moroccanoil hair stuff!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Great things you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Key West!!! I wanna go too! ha

  4. Stopping by from your blog! I have been wanting to try that Moroccanoil for sometime, now I think I just might. Enjoy your trip to Key West : )

  5. Love those shoes! We are supposed to have really bad weather tonight as well. Praying that both of us stay safe! :)

  6. YAY Key West! That is so exciting!

  7. I want to try that Moroccanoil! I'm a little sad because I can't just order it from their website. (unless I'm just not clicking the right buttons..)

    Stopping by from WILW