Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back from the Windy City

Finally back!  Well I actually got back Sunday afternoon but I've been too busy enjoying the warm Southern weather to blog.  As soon as I got home from the airport on Sunday, I told Ben I wanted to spend the afternoon at the pool and so we did.  And I have an awesome sunburn to show for it.  Yes, I usually use sunscreen but I was being dumb and decided I didn't need it that day. Lesson learned.  I had yesterday off and I'm so glad I took it off.  I slept it, caught up on t.v., and did laundry. It was wonderful.

On to Chicago.  We arrived in the Windy City around lunch time to chilly temps.  This was expected and I had dress appropriately for this day.  We spent the afternoon on the Magnificent Mile.  On our way back to our hotel, we saw Garrett Popcorn.  We had seen Oprah feature the popcorn on her favorite things episode so we decided to stop in and pick some up. I got the Chicago mix which is a combo of their cheddar and caramel corn popcorn. DELICIOUS. This was definitely the best decision of the week.  If you've never had it, I can't even begin to explain how delicious this stuff is. No wonder Oprah can't keep her weight off, I sure wouldn't be able to either if I lived around the corner from this heaven-sent treat.  We all bought "small" (they were in no means small) bags and we munched on it everyday.  Grabbing that bag of popcorn was the first thing the 4 of us did the second we walked into our room from being at the convention all day. Seriously, the stuff is like crack.  While we were at Navy Pier on Saturday I picked up a large bag of their infamous Chicago mix to bring back to share with Ben, Patrick, and Megan.  It's now all gone and I'm sad about it.

Thursday and Friday we spent both days at the convention.  We went to sessions where we learned about all things related to Audiology.  Last time I went to AudiologyNow, I wasn't very interested in these sessions, however, this year they were very beneficial since I will have a J-O-B very soon where I actually have to be held accountable for those fancy letters behind my name.  The convention also has an exhibit hall where all the hearing aid companies set up shop with the most elaborate booths I have ever seen.  They "wine & dine" you with delicious treats at their booth to try to win you over so you'll purchase their products.  One company had masseuses there giving massages. I liked the booth that had the barista there making cappucino best.  At night, the hearing aid companies throw big parties.  Thursday night we got to see Collective Soul play and it was a good ole time.  The next night, the big party was at the House of Blues with the Blues Brothers but we got there too late so we ended up going to another party at Navy Pier with jazz music.  Still a fun fun time.  On Saturday, we only spent half the day at the convention, by then we were audiology'd out!  We spent Saturday afternoon at Navy Pier.  I was a little disappointed in it. A little too touristy and with it being so chilly, the outside attractions were closed.  We rode the ferris wheel and thats about all the excitement we had there.  We decided to spend the rest of the day on Magnificent Mile since everyone in our group had been to Chicago at least once and done most of the tourist stuff.  I only made purchases at H & M since the closest one is in Atlanta.  We had dinner at a super yummy Thai restaurant. All in all it was a super fun trip and I was so happy to get to go on a semi-vacation. 

Magnificent Mile
Collective Soul

Collective Soul

My 1st Chicago Dog.  I don't do onions or relish.

Ashley & Emily on the Navy Pier ferris wheel.

me & Katie on the ferris wheel.

Glad to be back!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Chicago! I'm glad you had fun :-)

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. Maybe we need to plan a popcorn run this summer??

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time :)

  4. I still can't get over the little connection we have with your friend Jessica. I told my mom about it and she mentioned it to Paige, and Paige said something to Jessica while they dress shopped! Too funny! And your Chicago trip sounds awesome! I am dying to try that popcorn... If it's on Oprah's list, you know it's good!