Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's Wednesday again!  As always, I'll be linking up with Jamie.
Here's what I'm loving this week.

I received the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens yesterday and I'm loving the cover.  Peonies are my absolute favorite flower and they happen to be gracing the cover of the magazine this month.  When we have a house someday, you better believe my yard will be filled peony bushes (I guess it's bushes)

I started reading Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels yesterday and I'm in love.  I already knew she was a good writer but y'all their story is so sweet.  It's so romantic, you would think you were reading a fictional romance novel. 
I'm loving that we are heading home this weekend so we will get to spend the Easter holiday with my family.  We are going to go to church with my Nana and she is thrilled.  I'm excited to spend such a special day with our family.

Kinsley last Easter
 I'm loving these whoopie pies that Ben and I made last night.  I wanted to make a treat to share with all the interns since none of us can turn town a baked good.  I haven't tried one yet, but they are disappearing fast so they must be pretty tasty.

 I'm loving that my supervisor, Julie informed us this morning we can wear jeans to work tomorrow!  It's the small things in life.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Even though I don't work on Friday's I just love casual friday! HA! :)

  2. I sure hope you're planning on sharing that recipe. And I love the Ole Miss plate. I'm an Arkansan, and I STILL love Houston Nutt.

  3. The plate is nice and my mouth is watering for a whoopie pie now!!!!

  4. Lots of good stuff this week. I found the best recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies, but my chocolate ones have been lacking in the deliciousness department. Will have to keep looking for a better recipe.

  5. You've got lots a great things to love today! Gotta love jean days at work!

  6. Love this post!
    Great things you are loving today!

  7. That dessert looks really good! YUM! I need it! And I read that book last month and loved it!! I just love Ree.