Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's already Wednesday and you know what that means.  This week I'm linking up with Jamie so y'all be sure to go check out her great little blog.

Today, I'm loving that they induced my best friend this morning.  That's right, little Lucy Kate will hopefully make her grand entrance into this crazy world sometime today or tomorrow. I can't wait to meet her.  Please pray for a smooth and healthy delivery.

I'm loving that Hillary sent me a blog award.  You can read all about that in the post below this one :)  Thanks, Hillary!

 I'm loving that 3 of my bestest friends from home are coming to visit me this weekend.  They haven't been able to come visit since we moved to Birmingham so that makes it double exciting.  I've got a fun weekend planned for us.  Can't wait to see my girls.

I'm loving the warmer temperatures that have been sent our way.

This is the forecast for the rest of the week here.  Do you see that?  Upper 60's & low 70's. Bliss. I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to wear leggings under my dress pants and going without a coat this week. Hallelujah!

I'm loving this pillow we picked up for our bed this weekend. 
I promise we don't buy stuff for our tiny apartment all the time.  We have just had several gift cards & Groupons that we needed to use.  I have showed Ben this pillow several times and he was definitely hesitant, but I finally coaxed him into buying it and well look how great it looks. Love it.

 I'm loving that our good friends Patrick & Megan are under contract to purchase their first home. They have been searching for a few months now and have finally found the house that would make their perfect first home.  They have their home inspection today & I pray everything goes well so they can start packing!  

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. New follower! Seriously excited about some warmer weather! Love that pillow too, so cute for a newlywed bed!

  2. omg i LOVE the pillow! one of your newest followers :) your blog is so cute! xoxo