Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lucy Kate & a Redo

If you have read any of my posts in the last few weeks, you would know that my best friend was expecting. I say was because Miss Lucy Kate made her way into our world late yesterday afternoon.  She weighed a perfect 6 lbs 5 oz and is 21" long. And she's BEAUTIFUL.  Mom and baby are doing great. How great is our God.

Lucy Kate

So sweet.

He's already wrapped

I am counting down the days until next week when I get to head home to MS to meet her.  I took a day off from work so I could spend some QT with Anna & Lucy Kate. I am overjoyed for Anna & Nathan and the most precious gift God has given to them.

Something else was born this past weekend, well reborn really.  My bedroom lamps. Say what? 

Here is what the lamps looked like before

Not terrible, but they just didn't fit us anymore.  I was never exactly in love with them but I loved the shape of both the base & shade so I bought them.  Also, their pricetag made them much prettier.  Well on Saturday, I decided I was going to invest in a can of spray paint and some fabric.  I headed to Lowe's and after staring at the spray paint for 10 minutes I finally decided on a color.  I moved along to Hancock and went straight to the remnant section.  There, I found some awesome fabric that resembled burlap but it was actual fabric. SCORE.  I picked up 2 yards, I am an amateur. I had no clue how much fabric I was going to need.  I took my mother's advice and used several light coats of spray paint to get the lamps painted.  I thought she was crazy and that it was going to take forever to dry but I can definitely see how spraying a thick coat of spray paint would have ended in me having to purchase 2 completely new lamps.  Covering the lampshades was much easier than I had anticipated.  I simply cut the fabric giving me 1" of excess on both the top and bottom of the shade.  I did the same when cutting for the length of the circumfrence.  Using spray adhesive, I "sewed" a hem to give it a clean edge.  Lastly, I sprayed and then rolled, pulling the fabric taut as I went.  I must say I had help from the Mr. when spraying & pulling and I think having his help made the shades turn out even better!

Here is what the lamps look like now!

What a vast improvement, don't you think? 

I am now on a hunt for a floor lamp to snazzy up for our living room.  You see a certain 4-legged, gray-haired little girl knocked our floor lamp over during one of her running fits through the apartment causing it to now be caddy whompus.  Who knew finding an ugly floor lamp at Goodwill or Salvation Army would be so difficult.  I'll find day.

Happy Thursday!


  1. CONGRATS to Anna and Nathan. LK is gorgeous! I have to say I liked the baby pics better than the lamp pics. Lamp turned out great, but nothing beats a beautiful baby.

  2. what a cute itty bitty princess! ;)

  3. Such a precious baby, I know you can't wait to go meet her! And you did an awesome job on that lamp... makes me want to be crafty!