Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Award.

Hooray!! One of my favorite bloggers sent me a blog award. Thanks Hillary, I feel so honored. This is such a fun post and y'all can learn some random and fun things about yours truly. 

1.  I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.  WOF did a contestant search in Tunica at one of the casinos during the fall of my senior year at Ole Miss.  Ben & I decided to drive to the Delta and give it a shot.   Apparently, the entire mid-south had the same idea.  We stood in line and got our application filled out and got to attend one of the mock shows where they let possible contestants play.  Well we didn't called on stage so we thought that was the end.  A couple of weeks later, I received and e-mail saying I had been chosing for a 2nd audition in Memphis later that week.  The 2nd audition consisted of a quiz and several mock shows.  I won the puzzle on my show & apparently did well on the quiz because a couple of weeks later I got a letter saying I had been chosen to be a contestant.  I got to travel to LA that summer for the filming which happened to be the week of Ben's birthday so his parents decided to make a little vacation out of it.  I didn't do so hot on the WOF, I only got the first toss-up, Florida Orange Juice, but it was such a fun experience that I will never forget.  Maybe one day Ben will get the video put online so I can share.

Santa Monica Pier

Grauman's Theatre

Rodeo Drive

2.  I am deaf in my right ear.  I had bacterial meningitis when I was a baby that caused nerve damage that left me deaf in my right ear.  However, I am very fortunate that this was the only permanent effect of the illness.  And yes, being hearing impaired led me to the field of Audiology, so it's the blind leading the blind, or in my case the deaf leading the deaf. Hah. No really, funny how God puts you through something so that you can use your experience to help others.

3.  I collect wine bottles.  I have no idea how many bottles I have currently but it is probably between 200-300.  Well, I don't really save the whole bottle.  We use a wet tile saw to cut the bottom 3-4" off and will eventually use the bottle bottoms for a huge project at that I have envisioned.  This project will not happen until we have at least 1,000+ bottles and we are finally settled. Basically, probably not in this decade.  Hopefully, y'all will all still be reading this little blog so y'all can see the my vision.

4.  I never played any sports growing up.  I tried, I really did but getting dirty and all that sweating just wasn't my thing.  And, I have never been a fan of being in the spotlight and well playing sports you're in the spotlight.  Plus, I have terrible hand/eye coordination so I probably would have been the water girl on any team that would have allowed me to be a part of it.  And still, I am a HUGE sports fan.

5.  I had my first wreck when I was a little over 2 years old.  Apparently, back then children did not have to be restrained while riding in a car.  Or at least I didn't have to be when my dad was picking me up from my Nana's house who lived around the corner from us.  One afternoon, as my dad was backing out of my Nana's driveway in his awesome Clark Griswald station wagon, that also happened to be a company vehicle, I jumped from the passenger seat to his lap and grabbed the steering wheel.  We didn't get far because I had steered us straight into a tree.  I bet he had a blast explaining that one to the boss.

6.  I LOVE dogs. I wish I could say I just love animals but that would be a lie. I hate cats, they are creepy and smelly and shed and have to use a liter box.  I wish I could say I loved all dogs, but that would be a be a tiny lie.  I do love dogs and I would help any dog that needed it if I was able, but in all honesty I only really love large dogs. I hope I do not ruffle any feathers of those of you that love your little canines, honest.  My parents have a toy/teacup Yorkie and let's be real.  That's not a dog!  That's a little rat.  That is something Layla should eat for a snack when she visits.  I don't like dogs that require more grooming than I do a month.  I love dogs that fetch, can catch a live bird in its mouth, likes to swim in the lake, could bark/growl like it could shred you to pieces if it felt like you were endangering their human companion.  I love manly dogs.  And although large dogs do indeed grow to be large dogs, they never stop cuddling as if they were still tiny little pups. 

7.  I wasn't a fan of Mexican food until after Ben & I were married.  I mean I would eat it if that's what everyone wanted but I was always of the opinion that it was just ok.  Taco Bell doesn't count because I have been thinking Outside the Bun since I was like 6.  But yeah, I just thought it was ok, nothing special.  Well then I turned 21 and discovered margaritas and I started coming around a little more.  Next, came Benjamin.  I had never witnessed someone eat so much Mexican food. I really thought that boy was going to turn into a P-5 (El Charro, Oxford).  Soon, I started coming around and now Mexican is probably one of my favorite "ethnic" cuisines.  Soft chicken tacos & mushroom quesadillas are my favorite.  We probably eat a Mexican inspired dish at least once a week now. OLE!

I'm going to pass this fun little award to the following bloggers:

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  1. Eeek!
    I am so honored! Thanks for giving me that award. I'm pretty excited. I'll try to do it on Friday! Can't wait.

    I really do love your blog!