Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking forward to....This Week

Before I dive into what I am looking forward too, a little recap of the previous week is needed. We went up north for a weekend in the Memphis 'burbs. Ben had manly time on Saturday with his friends in Oxford eating unhealthy, yummy foods and watching Ole Miss football. I spent the day with my mom shopping. That night, we spent it at the annual Mudbugs Festival benefiting the Palmer Home for Children. We had all you can eat crawfish, drinks and other goodies. There was great live music and an auction. We had a blast spending time with my folks and some of their friends. Sunday we BBQ'd it up to celebrate my cousin's visit. It was some really yummy food and good times.

Kinsley & Faulkner bird watching

Mudbugs Festival

Giving Pam sugars


With her favorite

Cousin Patti came all the way from CA to feed the child cake!

She loved the swing

Sugar rush is gone.

Now on to fun things:

1.) Lunch at Old Athens Grill. This happens in T-57 minutes. Who would not look forward to eating Americanized gyros? The girls in my class are taking our favorite professor out to lunch. It is one of our last hoorahs and eating is what we do best.

2.) Double Decker. I know, I know, I will not be in attendence this year due to some silly ceremony but I WILL be there in spirits. For those of you in the Memphis areas, drive down to Oxford and experience Double Decker. Great art, music, and food. Do I even need to mention that the corndogs will be in town. Yes, I am jealous of those who are going, therefore, pictures on Facebook people!

3.) White Coat Ceremony. After three hard-working and fun years, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend, the Class of 2011 Doctor of Audiology will receive our white coats. Pretty. Scary. We still have a 12-month externship to complete before we get the AuD beside our name, but still are they really sure they are ready to turn us lose in the real world? Because this is such a "big" deal, family is rolling into town! I am much more excited about this. Ben's parents and grandmother are coming, along with my folks, grandmother, sister, brother in lawish, and niece. Family visiting = lots of yummy eating!

Yep, we have a pretty exciting week ahead. Hope y'all all have a fabulous week!


  1. So proud of you Lindsey too bad I cant be at ur ceremony but I will be there in spirit-you go DOC!

  2. Thank you so much! Sad you weren't at home this weekend :( Love you!!

  3. I am sad we missed each other last weekend while we were both in town :(
    I can see you were super busy-and so were we- but still, I miss my Linds!
    Fun weekend ahead! CONGRATULATIONS on your white coat ceremony!!! You are so close, and I am so proud :) haha... very, very happy for you. I know it is crazy busy this next month- but when we both get settled in our new places, we must get together!

  4. Thanks sweet Anna! I know we will find some time to get together soon! Why do we have to move so far apart again?? :(