Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Calm before the Storm.

August has been a really slow month for us.  It just seems to be dragging on, I wonder if the anticipation of football season has something to do with it?  We haven't been up to much since the last post.  We have mostly been relaxing and getting stuff prepared for Saturdays in the Grove. When we were living in Oxford all we had to do on Satrudays was show up to the Grove with a dish and we'd migrate from tent to tent.  Now, that we are alumni, we actually have to plan (Oh, the joys of being an adult).  We had to find someone to set up & take down our tents, plan and assign menus for every weekend, gather all the tables, chairs, coolers, serving pieces, etc.  It has been so much work and football season hasn't even started!  I am not complaining, I am loving every bit of it.  In 10 days,  I will be in the most incredible place to experience college football and life will be complete again.  Dramatic? Sure, but it makes life oh so sweet.

This past weekend was Ben's first weekend off since we moved to Birmingham in May.  Although he started his job with the BBJ in July, he has continued working as a server. Why? Refer to previous paragraph. Football season is a major expense and we have been saving all of the money from serving to help fund the next 4 months of our life.  I am so grateful that Ben was willing to sacrifice his whole summer (withouth complaints) working 7 days a week so we could have the extra funds.  Anyways, he decided to quit serving a couple of weekends before the season started so he could have some relaxation.  And boy did he relax!  We spent the entire weekend at the pool with a cooler full of refreshing beverages.  It was exactly the weekend we both needed.

The weather is finally starting to cool down here.  I am hoping it's not a tease from Fall, but a steady progression into the best season of the year!  There hasn't been much of anything going on.  My mom is coming to visit this weekend.  She misses her oldest baby and wants a weekend away.  I am very excited to see her, but it requires me to take a day off from work (and still get paid...aghhh!) which is super exciting.  We are going to have a blast.  We are gonna do lots of shopping and I'm going to take her to yummy eateries that are going to make her wonder how she functions without them.

Happy Humpday Y'all!!

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  1. What a great guy to work 2 jobs! I know you guys can't wait for the games to start. Glad you got to sneak in a relaxing weekend.