Friday, August 6, 2010

50 State Bucket List

Ben's aunt and uncle, Arenda and Bob are passing through Birmingham this weekend on their way out West.  They are headed to South/North Dakota (can't remember which) and Nebraska to complete Bob's 50 state bucket list.  These are the only 2 states Bob hasn't visited in his lifetime.  I'm not exactly sure of Bob's age, but I find it very impressive that in a week or so he will have visited every state in the U.S.  This litlte bucket list inspired my dear husband to send around an e-mail to the family with his 50 state bucket list.  I thought I would share.  I'm working on mine and will post it later.

States I haven't been to (ranking of where I'd like to visit):

Maine- 4

Vermont- 5

New Hampshire- 9

Connecticut- 8

Rhode Island- 10

West Virginia- 11

Nebraska- 6

New Mexico- 2

Oregon- 7

Hawaii- 1

Alaska- 3

Most beautiful state visited:
Florida- easy choice. Beaches, hot weather, theme parks. FUN.

Ugliest state visited:
Louisiana- swamps, coon asses, LSU.

State I'd most like to visit again:
New York- really want to get upstate more and a trip to NYC is always great.

State I'd least like to visit again:
North Dakota- just drove through it but seemed like a good place to find meth...and that's about it.

Southernmost point visited:
Miami, Fla.

Northernmost point visited:
Niagara Falls

Coldest place visited:
Probably Kalispell, MT, though I'm fairly certain the winter Harrison was born in Cleveland was the coldest I have ever been

Hottest place visited:
Phoenix, AZ, some putt-putt golf place we were at had temps at 108 when we were out there...Miami's heat indices were really high but there always seemed to be a breeze

State with the best cuisine:
New York or California, both seemed like you could get the very best of anything in the world.

State with the worst cuisine:
Arkansas, though this may be unfair as I have only eaten at a Krystal's and a greyhound racing establishment in this state.

Stay tuned!


  1. Haha! I love this post! My favorite part was the coon asses in Louisiana. Geez, you've been to a lot of states...what is the criteria for "having been to" a state? I need to make a list!

  2. Alison, I think just crossing into the state line counts :) Please make your list...I'm working on mine, but it's hard to remember all the states I haven't been haha

  3. Ok, so this was Ben's? I don't know why I was a little confused. He's been to a lot of states then! I wouldn't even want to do mine cause it would be so sad :(

  4. Yes, this is Ben's list. My list is pretty sad too, I feel like I haven't been anywhere. I'll get mine posted soon.