Friday, July 9, 2010

We Never Miss a Meal

July 4th weekend was a blast. Why did it have to go so fast? We got to spend time with my best friend and her husband Friday night. We ate dinner and played a really fun game called Funglish. I had never heard of it but it we really enjoyed it and will be one to purchase soon. I am usually super tired on Friday nights from the long week, but whenever we hang out with them we always end up staying well past our welcome and this time was no different. After the game, Anna & I settled on the couch while the guys eagerly played Xbox. Before we knew it, it was past 1 a.m. Theres always so much to say when we're together. Love spending time with those two. Saturday, we had a lunch date with Ben's sister and her family who just recently moved to Memphis. Huey's never disappoints and Nate, their 3 year old, sang us "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Precious. That afternoon we headed to a family friends house for a BBQ, washers tournament, swimming, and fireworks. The food was delicious, the fireworks were incredible, and my parents won the washers tournament. Pretty impressive. We spent the early afternoon on the 4th in my parent's pool out of the heat. They whipped up some yummy BBQ with all the sides. Late that afternoon, we headed down to Oxford to eat once again at another BBQ some college friends were hosting. We capped off the night with a fireworks show that the city and Ole Miss put on at OU Stadium. It was set to music being played by the symphony. It was one of the best shows I have seen in awhile. Monday, we headed back to Birmingham. Of course, that couldn't happen without some excitement, right? I woke up Monday with terrible stomach cramps along with a horrible headache and dizziness. I drank almost an entire bottle of Pepto on the ride home. It was one LONG trip. I only felt worse as the night went on...fever and a cold sweat included. I took the next day off to recuperate and I am super happy to be eating again.

It seems as though July will be one exciting month for us. Ben started his new job this week and is really enjoying being back in the working world. He celebrates a birthday this month. I am a BIG birthday person so I am probably a little more excited about this than him and how can he get very excited when this birthday will push him closer to 30 than to 20? YIKES. 4 of my very best friends are coming for a very fun weekend next weekend. I am excited to share a city that I am really loving with them. I am now a member of a seriously fun Bunco group. We had our first "date" last night and it was a blast. Looking forward to the next...I'm hosting! Ben's parents will also be paying us a visit sometime this month. My sister celebrates a birthday and we get to cap it off with a wedding weekend in Oxford!

Stay cool y'all!


  1. Sad we missed y'all at the fireworks! looks y'all had a fun 4th weekend, minus the pepto...

  2. Sounds like an awesome 4th weekend! I mean, clearly Friday was awesome :) We had SO MUCH FUN with yall! (As always!) And trust me- yall never wear out your welcome!!!
    I'm glad you are feeling better- I'm sure being in a car for hours didn't help you feel better.
    I am SUPER sad I couldn't make it to Bham last weekend. :( But now I still have it to look forward to! And this time- with Hannah! Woo Hoo!
    And one more thing- I'm confused.. did your parents get a pool again?? Maybe I read something wrong?

  3. haha well friday was the best part of the weekend I must admit. Now we have to start planning for the big trip to BHAM for y'all!! yes, the have another pool. they're strange.