Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Husband!!

Happy Birthday Darlin'! Thank you Leon & Hedy for bringing sweet Ben into the world 26 years ago.  I feel so very blessed to have such an amazing person with whom to spend my life.  I am so glad he decided that Belmont wasn't right for him 6 years ago and decided to venture a little further down South to Oxford and meet the girl of his dreams :)  I will not make this a corny post, Ben knows all the reasons why I love him.  Ben, I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!  I hope your ready for chicken spaghetti and peach cobbler. LOVE YOU!

My Birthday Boy

Good Monday Y'all!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ben!! Dinner sounds delish!

  2. Happy Birthday Ben! Although belated... by a lot. And I know not everyone can put into words a list of reasons why you love your husband.. it's okay Lindsey-haha- jk