Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorites of the Decade(2000-2009)

There's been some publicity of late where the Associated Press or Rolling Stone or some other worthy, ink-stained wretches choose the best movies, albums, athletes, cheeses, wines, shoes and Kardashian of the decade.

First, let's get this straight: 2000-2009 is the decade. The 1990's were from 1990-1999. 2010 is the next decade, and it would make no sense to start at 1 rather than 0 for the beginning of a ten year span. 

Obviously, these selections bring up hours of debate, or sometimes just minutes depending on the company you keep. Here's a few of my best of the decade selections with brief reasons why:


Best action movie: Gladiator. Russell Crowe is phenomenal in this historical fiction piece bringing to life Ancient Rome and the bloodbaths of gladiator battle. There's a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain, a disgusting villian and he KILLS A TIGER. Cha-ching. Honorable mention: Munich.

Best geek movie: Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers. This is my favorite of the three movies, and I have to admit I enjoyed the trilogy. There were corny parts in all three, and you have to really throw yourself into fantasy world to get into these movies. Great battle scenes and unbelievable story-telling though. Honorable mention: Spiderman.

Best mystery/crime/thriller: The Departed. Martin Scorsese is fantastic. I would imagine the payroll for this movie was larger than Black Friday spending. South Boston accents all over the place, dead bodies flying off rooftops and the classic undercover cop flushing out a rat story. Honorable mention: Traffic.

Best drama: A Beautiful Mind. Russell Crowe, go back to drinking a lot and acting well. Gladiator in 2000, A Beautiful Mind in 2001. Daggum. Honorable mention: Million Dollar Baby.

Best musical/movie: Ray. I'm a Georgia boy, through and through. Jamie Foxx, amazing. Music in this should shake your soul. Honorable mention: Chicago.

Next post, we'll go further into my best of 2000's selections with some music. What's your opinion on my choices? What movies did I miss out on?


  1. Mr. Goober seems to think that I have horrible taste in movies. However, I just think we have DIFFERENT tastes in movies. Of the movies, he listed above, I have only seen 4 of them (Ray, Spiderman, The Departed, and Chicago). I hated 3 of these.

    I have compiled my list of favorites of the decade. Here goes:

    Action: Troy. I am not a big fan of action movies so this was a tough category for me. However, there was lots of fighting & killing in this one so that makes it an action right? Plus, the characters in this movie are easy on the eyes ;) Honorable Mention: Like I said, I don't watch action movies.

    Best geek movie: I am not a geek, therefore I do not watch geek movie.

    Best mystery/crime/thriller: Taken. This movie absolutely freaked me out & almost made me never want to travel out of the country (almost). Honorable Mention: The Life of David Gale. Most of you have probably never even seen this one, but Kevin Spacey plays the main character & it has such a good twist.

    Best Drama: Crash. Mr. Goober will not watch this movie with me but it is great. It gives me chills everytime I watch it and it won some Oscars.

    Best musical. Walk the Line. I wasn't really familiar nor did I like Johnny Cash music before this movie but it definitely sparked my interested. Plus, Reese Witherspoon does a fabulous job potraying June.

    Best Indy: Little Miss Sunshine. Abigail Breslin is adorable in this movie which made her famous & it potrays every dysfunctional American family. Hustle & Flow: I picked this one mainly because its a Memphis made & produced movie. It has a good storyline and gives you a tiny glimmer of hope for those leading a "not so stellar" lifestyle.

    Best Romance: The Notebook. I ball my eyes out everytime I see this movie. Yes it is corny, but the ending gets me everytime. Honorable Mention: Pearl Harbor. Another sobfest but it gives such a tragic day in America a somewhat happy ending.

    Best Comedy: The Hangover. Everything you never wanted to know about a Bachelor party but keeps you laughing nonstop. Honorable Mention: Wedding Crashers. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

    Best Sports Movie: The Blind Side. This needs no explanations :)

    Can't wait to read everyone's opinions.

  2. I just saw The Departed this weekend! And while the language was AWFUL, the storyline was great! Wouldn't say it was the best of the decade but good nonetheless. It has taken me a while to post on this one because I clearly can't remember what movies were made when- so I won't categorize them .. but here are a list of really good movies from the decade according to me:
    Erin Brockovich
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Memento (as far as indy films go)
    Old School
    Wedding Crashers
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    The Passion of the Christ
    Grand Torino
    The Bourne Identity
    Ocean 11
    Ok, I seriously can't think of movies!!! I know this is nowhere close to all the good ones- but I liked them!