Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If you've read my husband's introduction, you're probably wondering what kind of woman could end up with someone who is so, um, interesting.

Well, that would be me, the woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind, gets addicted to TV shows by watching them on DVDs, has a newfound love for coffee, will absolutely fight someone who is smoking cigarettes, sometimes drinks a little too much, would walk 1,000 miles to save one dog's life and loves her family more than anything in the world. 

My husband and I share a love for food and sports, which I believe is pretty rare for couples. I honestly enjoy cold beer, hot wings and a good baseball game from time to time. Plus, I'm not the tom-boy, crush a man with my muscles, kind of girl, so that's extra unique.

My dislikes/hates: cold weather, Barack Obama, cats, the "emo" look, olives, the smell that gets stuck on your clothes at Subway and Japanese hibachi steakhouses, people who drive slow in the fast lane, bugs, LSU and Pepsi products.

It's not easy to sum yourself up in 50 words, 100 words, even 10,000, so I'm not going to try. If  you follow the blog long enough, you'll learn more about me, my hubby and the crazy things that we get into.

Stay tuned.


  1. what is the "emo" look? and i hope that's not what i have. :)

  2. Love it!! Super excited about this blog.. glad you decided to take the plunge! All of the above descriptions are endearing (for the most part-haha) things about you! All of your dislikes/ hates are mine too... I suppose that is why we are BESTIES!! haha... that term is one of my hates.

  3. Yaya we have followers!!! I think I could have gone on & on but you know....

  4. Oh Allison, there is a post coming soon on the Emo look and no you do not have it..unless you have changed a lot since January :)