Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And so it begins...

My better half and I have been racking our brains trying to decide how to start this blog. What will we talk about? What will we name it? Should it be funny? Serious? Piss people off? Or a place to share decorating tips and recipes?

Okay, the answer to the last question is definitely no...at least for me.

Then it dawned on us. How about a simple introduction?

Here's roughly 50 random words about Mr. Goober:

Grew up in Georgia; absurdly good-looking; Christian; nearly always sarcastic or playing the devil's advocate; smelly feet; loves dogs, family, sports and food; never turns down a free drink; really lucky to be married to a beautiful Mississippi woman; grew up in the suburbs but not looking to return just yet; COCA-COLA AND CHIK-FIL-A.


One hobby I really enjoy is watching movies. Once I turn them on, I absolutely cannot go to sleep until I see the end, even if I have seen it before. I mean, how can you turn off the Goonies before Sloth and Chunk save the day? Or go into a deep slumber while Harold and Kumar are almost to White Castle? Or ease into your dreams while Ritchie Valens hasn't discovered the mariachi music of Juarez spawning the all-time great hit "La Bamba?"

We really just want an outlet for expressing ourselves and hopefully bring a smile or two to your face. We'll talk about the horrible things when they happen just so we're not making ourselves out to be some kind of Disney movie like Cinderella, Snow White or Dawn of the Dead(maybe not Disney?).

Hope y'all enjoy.


  1. so you won't turn down my free wheatgrass drink? good to know. i'll bring you one.

  2. What is this I hear about yall turning off Slumdog Millionaire, Mr. I will never turn off a movie?? :)

  3. That wasn't my call. I could tell Mrs. Magnolia was absolutely not into the movie about 10 minutes into it.

    Generally, someone needs to die, have sex or reveal a huge secret in the first ten minutes for Mrs. Magnolia to get into it.