Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Happy Wednesday Y'all!  I'll be linking up with Jamie again this week so be sure to go check out what she's loving. 

I'm loving the weather we are experiencing this week.  There's not a high temperature on the 10-day forecast below 54 degrees and only a couple of chances of rain.  I realize we have not had a true winter yet but the warmer temps are gladly welcomed by me and have me just itching for Spring.

I'm loving this sweet, sweet pillow that my lifelong friend, Jessica (better known as Bird) made for us.  I know y'all have seen these state pillows at gift shops and boutiques but have y'all seen one as awesome as this?  First for her to stitch all that detail and then to make it so personal.  It is definitely one of my favorite things. Ever.

our little yellow house in Hattiesburg

where we met. 

I'm loving that I only have a 4-day work week this week.  It's not a real 4-day work week in that I have a day off but I'm attending a Speech Language/Audiology conference on Friday that t,\he University of Memphis is having.  While I'll still be "working.]," I will certainly enjoy my day away from clinic and my patients.

I'm loving that my friend Nathan has become an overnight celebrity thanks to his YouTube video.  He and Anna took Lucy Kate to the Memphis Zoo last Thursday for LK's birthday and encountered a very territorial male ape while dining at the cafe.  They shot a video and posted it later that day and in just a few short days it had over 1 million views on YouTube, not to mention front page appearances on numerous websites, mentions on national news programs, and radio shows.  In case you've missed the video, I'm proudly sharing below.  

I'm loving that the Ole Miss baseball team started off the 2012 season with a road victory against #15 ranked TCU.  The Rebels are currently ranked #20 and are 2-1.  Hotty Toddy!

Finally, I'm loving all of my followers.  I know I'm not the funnest or most consistent blogger out there but I love doing it and y'all reading and leaving sweet comments make it that more enjoyable for me.  Thanks for all the love y'all!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!


  1. Thanks for the prayers! I LOVE that pillow...your friend is SO talented!

  2. what a neat pillow!! Enjoy your 4-day week :) and I've been loving this "warmter" we've been having too.. I'm scared the cold is going to hit us randomly and it'll be awful though!

  3. Such a sweet blog you have! Loving your blog name! Mine has the word Magnolia in it too :)
    Glad to have found and follow you blog!


  4. cute cute pillow lady! hope bensie is doing well! :)

  5. I love that you're loving your followers! I'm happy to be one now. Your dogs are precious! Your kindness exudes in your writing! And, I'm graduated with my PhD in 2009, so I'm here to let you know it's possible and wonderful on the other side. Can't wait to come back soon and be inspired!

    Happy seeing beautiful!
    P.S. We think you'd love See Beautiful too. :)

  6. Love that pillow! I need one! :/ And thanks for the shout out!! haha! Craziest thing to happen to us- ever!