Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just a Quickie..

Of course this quickie is about Ole Miss.  Yes, it was a terrible & shocking loss this past weekend to Jacksonville State, but they wanted it more, so congrats Gamecocks.  Let's just hope we don't have the same outcome in NOLA this weekend.

So this commercial aired last night on national television on ESPN during the Boise State/Virginia Tech game.  It is a great commercial and paints Ole Miss in such a fun, ,light-hearted way.  The dorky Ackbar nerd is one of Ben's fraternity brothers who started this whole "Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss" campaign a few months back.  He's not that nerdy in real life, only just a little bit. Anways, follow the link above, it is worth it.

Hotty Toddy, Y'all.

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